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The NHS must stop victimising bereaved families. By Shaun Lintern for HSJ

Bereaved families of systemic failure-related deaths have far too often become second victims, due to the NHS’s misguided secrecy and focus on reputation management, writes Shaun Lintern

Losing a loved one is painful enough especially when that loss results from a mistake, a system error, or worse, clinical negligence. In too many cases the NHS fails to be open and transparent with grieving families, compounding their loss with obfuscation and secrecy. Insult is literally added to injury for people who, in the most part, are just desperate for the truth about what happened – as well as an assurance that it won’t be repeated.

Fighting Back

The problem for the health service is that times have changed. Families are no longer prepared to just accept what they are told. Many are fighting back with a rage and a fury the health service has perhaps not faced on such a scale before. HSJ has reported the stories of a number of families whose individual struggles for the truth date back years and the journey has left them with permanent emotional scars. In these and many other cases, the effect on those families cannot be underestimated. They are traumatised by their treatment at the hands of a health service that is supposed to have compassion as a core value.

They are the true second victims of NHS failures and many will struggle to trust the service again.

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Shaun Lintern

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