Strength in Numbers dedicated to my late mother Kay

All Your Stories, Strength in Numbers. Well it’s been emotional few week of watching my dear dad be neglected time after time since making a complaint at his care home – By Lisa Smith

Dad was severely overdosed on pregablin he was prescribed 50mg within a week it was increased to 450mg which resulted in him having a fall on the 29.10.2015, he never received any medical attention until on the 31.10.15, he was found unresponsive in his room with a suspected bleed on the brain.

Lucky it was but we found out he was severely overdosed, but now there is no evidence to who did this on medical records and care plans. Since putting the complaint in this neglect has got worst.  Apparently after four years he as become aggressive and needs 1.1 care 24 7 and 2.1 personal care bathing , despite him able to dress and undress himself has no incontinence problems and can even shave him self , he has no mobility problems and goes out on a regular basis.

Please click on the link “All Your Stories – Strength In Numbers to read more

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