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Elderly and social care in the NHS: share your experiences

Whether you live alone or in a care home the Guardian would like to hear about your experiences of the NHS care and support services you’ve received

With news that a training scheme to address the shortage of nurses in care homes has been scrapped the social care sector, and the services that provide for the elderly in particular, is facing a crisis that could affect those in need.

Whether you live at home alone and are provided with practical support, live in sheltered accommodation or a residential or nursing home we’d like to hear from you.

We’d also like to hear how you combat loneliness. Perhaps you have someone to help with your shopping or someone who visits you to keep you company. Whatever kind of social care you receive from the NHS, share your stories with us.

Do you care for older parents or relatives? If so we’d like to hear from you too. Do they live with you in a home adapted to their needs? If they’re in a care home what is it like for both you and your relative? If you’re a carer for a relative and you have applied for respite care what was your experience like? Do you feel supported by the NHS? Share your experiences with us and we’ll feature some of your stories on the site.

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