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Pensioner dies of thirst in hospital after nurse ‘refused to give her water in case she wet the bed’

Edna Thompson, 85, was admitted to hospital with a rare eye condition – but died of severe dehydration and renal failure eight days later

Edna, a former librarian from Harrietsham, subsequently suffered severe dehydration and renal failure. She passed away just eight days after her admission to hospital last September. Now, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust chief executive Glenn Douglas has admitted a catalogue of errors in the mother of three’s care and has apologised to her family.

Mr Douglas said an investigation found that Edna’s condition was exacerbated by the prescription of medication known to cause dehydration, including mannitol, used to lower eye pressure. It is usually prescribed for 48 hours – but was given to Edna five days in a row. Mr Douglas told the pensioner’s family: “I would like to offer an unreserved apology for the errors. “Regrettably we cannot alter the sad outcome. “However, I can assure you we have recognised the need to ensure this type of event does not occur again.”

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Tragic: The pensioner was admitted to hospital with suspected malignant glaucoma – but passed away eight days later

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