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More than 1,000 NHS ‘never’ errors in four years

More than 1,100 patients have suffered from NHS “never events” – mistakes so serious they should never have happened – in the past four years.

Around 800 of these have either had the wrong area operated on or “foreign objects” such as gauzes, swabs, rubber gloves, scalpel blades or needles left inside them.

Some of the worst mistakes revealed by a Press Association investigation include:

  • A woman having her fallopian tubes removed instead of her appendix
  • A man having a testicle taken off instead of just the cyst on it
  • One woman having a kidney removed instead of an ovary
  • Another patient had a biopsy taken from their liver instead of their pancreas
  • Operations were carried out on the wrong hips, legs, eyes and knees
  • Blood transfusions with the wrong blood were given
  • Feeding tubes were put into patients’ lungs rather than their stomachs -which can prove fatal
  • Diabetic patients were not given insulin
  • Other patients were given the wrong type of implant or joint replacement
  • Patients were mixed up with others
  • Drug doses given out were far too high in some cases

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More than 800 people have had the wrong area operated on or ‘foreign objects’ left inside them.

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