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NHS child mental health money ‘missing’ despite investment

Some mental health trusts in England have seen “no significant investment” in psychiatric services for children despite government plans to overhaul provision, say experts.

Last summer ministers said they would invest an additional £143m in the services this financial year. The Mental Health Network suspects the funding has been used to support other NHS services. NHS England says it can show where the money has been allocated. The additional funding was part of a £1.25bn investment over five years announced by the chancellor in the Budget in March 2015.

While campaigners expected £250m to be made available this year, the Department of Health said in August that only £143m would be spent, as providers did not have the capacity to spend any more. However, the body representing mental health trusts says it has seen little of even that reduced amount.

How the £143m was allocated:

  • £75m – Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • £21m – Health Education England
  • £15m – Perinatal care (£11m underspend)
  • £12m – Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme
  • £10m – Hospital beds
  • £5m – Administrative costs for NHS England (£4m) and Department of Health (£1m)
  • £2m – Improving care for young people in the justice system
  • £2m – Joint programme with Department for Education to improve services in schools
  • £1m – Support for children with learning disabilities in long-term care

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