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NHS junior doctors who turn whistleblowers risk ‘career suicide’ reveals a doctor who did it

Dr Chris Day raised concerns about what he believed was poor care but soon discovered that his commitment was unwelcome

Junior doctors risk losing their jobs if they raise concerns about poor care, according to one young medic. Chris Day, 31, said he was removed from consultant training in 2014 after alerting bosses to dangerously low staffing levels on his intensive care unit.

Dr Day, who worked at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in South East London, said: “They took away my training number and without that you are out. No reason was given and I had no way of appealing.” He tried to take his case to a tribunal, but last week an appeal ruled junior doctors’ contracts are not protected under whistleblowing rules. Dr Day, now working as a locum, is seeking legal advice.
He said: “It’s saying if you are one of 54,000 junior doctors and blow the whistle, you have no protection.”

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Dr Chris Day who turned whistleblower found out that it wasn’t appreciated

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