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9000 Gloucestershire patients caught in NHS no man’s land

Around 9000 people in Gloucestershire who are registered with Welsh GPs are still are still being treated unlawfully – according to a campaign group. It’s a claim disputed by NHS Wales.

Action4OurCare has been fighting for the rights of residents for three years, so they can gain access to treatment they are entitled to at English hospitals. One of the people caught up in this NHS no-mans land in Guy Rastell – like thousands of others he lives in England, but has no choice but to register with a Welsh GP: Now he’s received a letter from his consultant at Southmead Hospital saying that despite wanting to treat still him she could no longer do so, because “the Welsh NHS are not (and have not previously) funded any of his clinical visits”.

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I find that astonishing. I’ve always lived in England since 1947. I find it very strange that after 33 years of continuous attendance, somehow funding comes into it to stop my continuing care.  GUY RASTELL


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