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‘This shade is Complete Mental Breakdown’: YouTuber creates satirical make-up tutorial to candidly detail her struggle with the many symptoms of her depression

  • Amy Gelibter, 21, runs a funny, honest YouTube channel
  • In her latest make-up tutorial, she applies cosmetics while describing what depression feels like
  • She uses shades of foundation and lipstick she jokingly calls ‘You Don’t Need Medication’, ‘I’m Trapped Inside My Own Mind’ and ‘Just Smile More’
  • The Pennsylvania resident says she wants to tackle the stigmas surrounding mental illness to help depressed people feel less alone

A popular YouTuber’s latest beauty tutorial sees her applying foundation with a beauty blender, brushing on mascara, painting on liquid lipstick — and opening up about what depression feels like.

Amy Geliebter 21, is incredibly honest in the witty new video, which takes the form of a standard make-up tutorial but actually gets real about the causes and symptoms of depression while addressing the stigmas surrounding mental illness.

The Pennsylvania resident jokes about her struggle with depressive feelings, applying cosmetics in made-up shades that describe how she feels inside as well as how others expect her to behave.

Click on the link to read and watch the video


Opening up: The video aims to help remove the stigmas around mental illness

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