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Mother gave birth in her bedroom after being ‘turned away’ from hospital

A FURIOUS mum is suing health chiefs over claims they turned her away from a maternity unit because “they needed the beds”

Kerry Symington was in labour and her waters had broken when midwives at Kirkcaldy’s Victoria Hospital rejected her pleas to be allowed into the hospital’s labour suite. She went home in tears and immediately had her fourth child in her bedroom.

It was delivered by partner Andrew Cairns and paramedics, but she suffered massive complications. She haemorrhaged and lost so much blood she had to be placed on a long-term course of iron tablets afterwards.

The “traumatic” episode has now prompted Kerry to sue for damages. “I want to prevent this happening to other mums,” the 30-year-old said. “It is only a matter of time before someone dies.”

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Kerry Symington and daughter, Lacey

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