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Daughter launches app after seeing mother’s struggle – but now she needs your help

PATIENTS will be able to track their health and medical notes through an innovative program currently vying for start-up money.

The app, MyNotes Medical, has been designed to help patients keep track of meetings with their doctor, symptoms and other appointments.

Borehamwood resident Joanna Slater co-founded the app after seeing her mother struggle to keep up with the notes and day-to-day occurrences of her own treatment before her death in 2008. Ms Slater said: “My mother went into hospital in 2007 for a hip surgery and things were hard to keep track of so I started taking notes. She died in hospital six months later.”

“It’s hard to remember everything and it was then that I realised the importance of taking notes.” She said many patients struggled to keep track of their handwritten notes or could forget when a meeting occurred – something which she hoped MyNotes Medical would help to avoid.

Working with business partner Brad Meyer, Ms Slater said the team was almost finished with the first prototype of the app.

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