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NHS failing to learn lessons from complaints, says health ombudsman

A snapshot of complaints received by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) reveals a high number of complaints made to the NHS and consistent failure to learn from mistakes, the PHSO has said.

Of the 133 cases in the report, which were investigated between July and September last year, 93 were about the NHS. In another PHSO report last year, nearly 80% of complaints were about the NHS.

Julie Mellor, the PHSO, said: “The NHS provides excellent care for patients every day, which is why it is so important that when mistakes are made they are dealt with well.

“These cases bring home all the suffering patients and their families experience when things go wrong, particularly when complaints are not handled effectively at a local level. Families have been left without an explanation as to why their loved ones died, mistakes have not been admitted, which means that much needed service improvements are being delayed.”

In one incident in the report, Alder Hey Children’s FT was required to pay £1,000 compensation to the complainant after it took 29 months to diagnose her son with autism and dyslexia, meaning he missed out on early intervention and support.

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  1. Paul Jackman says:

    Well Well Dame Julie Mellor I Want to know y the PHSO MR Simon Bennett ombudsman told me i won my case but next it was it was all covered up and i have to say MY LOCAL M.P MR D WATTS got the ombudsman in on my case that was covered up MR WATTS say sorry can’t help you next it was GMCUK having a court case that was behind closed doors i was banned from going and the doctor walk free from the bent court case i have been lied to abused by #POLICE and now they found out i was on HIGH RISK they told me they want nothing to do with my case 2ND DEGREE MURDER saying it was GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION DISGUSTING AND ITS RIGHT WHAT THEY SAY THEY ALL IN THIS TOGETHER COVERING UP MEDICAL RECORDS IS A CRIME


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