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Communication and the 6Cs: the patient experience … Author Christopher Barber for Nursing Times

One patient’s story highlights the importance of nurses and staff communicating effectively, and how poor communication can have a negative impact on patients.

In this article…

  • One patient’s experience of nursing care in a hospital setting
  • Examples of poor communication skills
  • What to be aware of when communicating with patients

5 talking points

1. How can communication affect the patient experience? 2. Can you think of a situation when better communication could have prevented a patient becoming frustrated, upset or receiving inappropriate care? 3. What should health professionals bear in mind when giving patients information about their condition or treatment? 4. How can you check whether patients have understood everything they have been told? 5. How can health professionals improve their communication skills?

Click on the link to read the article

Communication and the 6Cs The patient experience


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