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Family who lost son speak of ‘toxic culture’ at Bristol Children’s Hospital

Bosses at Bristol Children’s Hospital presided over a “toxic culture” in which risks were taken with children’s lives, according to the parents of a young boy who died following heart surgery.

Yolanda Turner accused the board of the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust of overseeing poor standards in care on Ward 32 – a specialist cardiac unit – at Bristol Children’s Hospital. Her son Sean died aged four in March 2012 from a brain haemorrhage after previously suffering a cardiac arrest while on the ward following complex heart surgery.

Mrs Turner, from Warminster, Wiltshire criticised the trust ahead of the publication of the independent inquiry into cardiac services at the children’s hospital. “We hope that the Bristol Review will enable the trust board to be held to account for their failures to provide a service that fell well below acceptable standards,” she said.

“They were basically putting staff in a position of risk and safety and taking risks with children’s lives. The trust board will have to be held to account for that. “We’ve said all along this board has a very toxic culture and they are not open and honest with families and that all needs to change. “We are hoping that major changes will come about from the Review which will make that hospital a much safer place. “The whole purpose of our public fight and our campaign has been to ensure that changes are made and that no other child has suffer what Sean went through.

“It is important for us to be believed because we felt very much that we weren’t believed and people had that opinion that you lost a child so you are bitter and you want to blame somebody but that really hasn’t been the case at all. “We were frightened about what happened to Sean and we were afraid for other children that were using the unit and our fears have been proven because other children have now followed.”

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Steve and Yolanda Turner, the parents of Sean Turner, arrive at Flax Bourton Coroners Court, near Bristol. 13th January 2014. See SWNS story SWHEART; An inquest has started today into the death of a four-year-old boy who was being cared for at Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital. Spider-Man fan Sean Turner passed away on March 15, 2012, after a heart operation. Before the procedure the popular lad had excitedly told his friends doctors were going to “mend his heart”. For Sean’s parents, Yolanda and Steve, the agony does not ease but they are hoping the evidence heard at Flax Bourton Coroner’s Court will provide them with some answers about what, if anything, went wrong in the case of their beloved son. Sean was born with his heart on the right side of his body and blocked arteries between his heart and lungs.

Yolanda and Steve Turner are awaiting Thursday’s review

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