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How can this be happening?

A young lady 37 years old who for 15 years ago has had mental health issues which leads her to drink. When under the influence of alcohol she is aggressive and verbally and physically abusive which has led to her being taken away by the police from her family home where she lives with her mother and father in their early 70’s and put in a cell to dry out.

When she dries out she is remorseful and cannot remember what has happened. She has been taken to hospital on many occasions only to be told that after the psychiatric team have assessed her she is fit to return home.

The last episode was a few nights ago when the hospital phoned her parents and said they are sending her home at 2.30 in the morning as nothing is wrong.

She is slowly killing herself but no one will help. A once a week counseling session is not enough. She needs 24-hour care 7 days a week to get to the very heart of her troubled mind which she only finds comfort in alcohol.

What will it take for someone to help? Will she just become another statistic when she dies?

How do her parents get the health professionals to listen and believe that she is ill.

Please give me your thoughts and how can they get help.

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  1. My son Mark became suicidal and turned to drink because he couldn’t cope with his illness and the Drs refusal to operate At a meeting with PALs its noted Mark thinks hes dying. The response is to offer councilling but he has to go on a waiting list. Two months later Mark passed after the same hospital terminated life support against our wishes. Mark knew how he felt in PALs meeting but the two consultants and epilepsy nurse failed to question him. His older brother we believe had a breakdown but its an ongoing battle to get Drs to accept it. He is now an alcoholic and again was put on a waiting list for councilling. Dealing with the aftermath of losing Mark tore my family apart and changed everything that meant anything. Thères was no support although Mark was under the hospital 7 years. In fact they threw salt in our wounds by now telling us that Mark could have had surgery. They turned our life upside down and have failed to meet any of my families medical mentally or physically.


    • Joanna says:

      Thank you Tracey for posting which must be so very hard for you. How can we ever come to terms that our loved ones could and can be saved. All we can do is look on. So many people suffering in silence. It’s beggars belief what is happening and no support. My heart breaks for you and your family. Stay strong x


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