Strength in Numbers dedicated to my late mother Kay

Love itself lives on even when the memories fail

Frances Freeman… This is me with my mother she is 94 – she is looked after at the Newquay Nursing home in Cornwall.
She has Vascular Dementia – it’s massively tough to live with she has no concept of time passing, she gets very angry with the world. However, this is a happy moment she was telling me that my Father has just been promoted (not true, he died more than 10 years ago)

Joanna Slater… I work with Frances and hear from her day to day how hard it has been to cope with her mother with Vascular Dementia. Frances is a wonderful daughter. When a loved one suffers from such a delibating disease where do you start and how do you keep the communication going. Frances keeps that communication going even when her mother talks of such things that is in her imagination. This photo shows the love that never ends no matter what. Bless you Frances and bless your darling mum xxxxx

Such a wonderful photo, Love itself lives on.


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  1. Yvonne mainwaring says:

    Lovely glad she has someone who cares.


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