Strength in Numbers dedicated to my late mother Kay

My Mothers passing 11 years today

On the anniversary of my darling mother Kay’s passing 11 years ago today. Not a day goes past without my mother in my thoughts. Love you mum ❤️
I documented mum’s last 6 months then self-published in a book. I found it very cathartic to put pen to paper to tell her story ‘The Last Six Months’
The Mail on Sunday published extracts of her story in June 2011 Phototastic Collage 11

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4 Responses

  1. Zena Ford says:

    Wishing you long life Joanna.


  2. Viviane Vayssieres says:

    i read Joanna’s book in 24 hours i could not put it down; it is horrific and complelling; it taught me a lesson, if it is does not feel right, query, complain, do not accept it that it is for us or a loved one. The professionals can get it wrong whatever the trade. Joanna Slater is an excellent raconteur, throughout the book we share her anguish, frustration and guilt. thank you for giving us an insight in what were i am sure are the worst 6 mths of your life Joanna and my deepest sympathy on this very sad anniversary.


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