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  1. Bernadette Connelly says:

    I had a metal on metal toxic hip fitted in 2003, suffered extreme ill health until after threatening legal action i had it removed in 2016. I have all the symptoms of metal toxicity but it is being ignored by my gp and Orthopaedic surgeons. I feel totally helpless in my quest to get better and am still suffering chronic pain all over my body. Is there anyone else who has suffered in this way because of these quite obviously dangerous hips?


  2. V Ceccles says:

    Good morning. Just found you. I can go into any food store or supermarket be it large or small and can purchase items clearly stating they:
    – are suitable for vegans, vegetarians etc etc
    – are gluten free
    – are dairy free
    – are suitable for coeliac
    – may contain nut’s

    YET in the myriads of medication I need to take, there is NO INDICATION WHATSOEVER.

    That medication has contained gelatine which may come from cows or pigs. I am having to constantly tell pharmacists that tablets DO contain gelatine and not just capsules

    Furthermore most medicines contain other questionable ingredients eg SODIUM LAURETH SULPHATE which in times past was regarded as carcinogenic and other ingredients Scandinavian countries have banned.

    I have been trying to raise awareness for over three years of the fact that NONE of the drug companies legally need to state whether their products are suitable for Vegans/Vegetarians etc etc. Neither do they state the origin of gelatine used. For some persons of faith, this is also important as they need to know whether it is from a bovine source or not.

    Thus for millions daily, we are expected to just swallow while making billions for these companies.

    It shouldn’t matter if you are vegan or vegetarian; gluten or dairy intolerant; a person of faith or no faith; we need clear labelling on all medication. This needs to come from Government AND it’s Agencies – certainly the MHRA and possibly NICE (??)

    I’ve tried to raise this through my MP and contacted both the Vegan and Vegetarian societies. I sent a small ‘dossier’ to a BBC radio programme which “inestigates”. No reply or even an acknowledgement ever came back. To use the phrase “BRICK WALL” doesn’t even come close.

    Please act now for you, your child or family member or society at large. I am hoping if this can be shared as widely as possible and hundreds if not thousands of people protest to Government, we can bring about legislative change and it will become Mandatory for drug companies to do what food companies have been doing for decades!

    I only use email and am not on social media. Please support and share this locally, nationally and internationally where possible.


  3. Adele says:

    Please can you recommend a web site where i can purchase a good quality covert camera for installing at the care home where my mother is resident . thanks adele

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  4. Joanna says:

    Unfortunately, Karen Read’s father passed away. May his dear soul RIP, Joanna


  5. karen read says:

    I found this page while looking on internet for help.
    My dad is dying he has been in hospital for several weeks 1st they said kidney failure then too much potassium he had to have his blood filtered and cleaned(very poorly ICU 4days) on the mend then breathing became bad so they said its his lungs..then we were told he has heart failure. My dad then got so much better 3 days was great and thought he was coming home. Over night he went so bad again. Consultants told my mum there is nothing they can do but make him comfortable. They said not to give dialysis as he may have heart attack. I am seeing the consultant Monday for the 1st time and would really appreciate if anyone can help me with what questions I should ask. I am going to demand dialysis I cannot allow my dad to just rot and die without trying treatment. I would rather him die trying than to die with no hope. If he has a heart attack while having dialysis then at least its quicker than what he is going through now. People with some knowledge of my situation may be able to give advise to bombard consultant and back him in a corner so he cant wriggle out of agreeing to dialysis for my dad. Im not ready to lose my dad yet not without a fight.

    Kindest regards

    Karen Read

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    • Joanna says:

      Hello Karen, so sorry to hear about your father. I have posted on twitter and my FB page hopefully someone will reply.Take care, Joanna x


    • Hi Karen Read,
      This is positively bizarre. In renal failure heart attacks are usually caused by electrolyte imbalance. The main ones being potassium and salt. Any junior doctor knows this. So why are you being told that dialysis is withheld because it might CAUSE a heart attack? Dialysis actually reduces the probability massively. The input from a dietician is also important in renal failure so why no consult with a dietician? It would appear that you are in fact being ‘spun a line’. Your dad may well not be a good candidate for a kidney transplant but that certainly does not rule out dialysis – the only intervention that would get him fit enough to return home. Ask to speak to a dietician and ask what the real reason is behind not offering dialysis…

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      • karen read says:

        Thankyou very much for replying. Im going to print your reply and ask the consultant this tomorrow when I meet him. My dad has got worse over this weekend so Im praying its not too late. When I asked to speak to Dr. on Friday I was told it is the consultant I need to speak to and they don’t work weekends. I will let you know how my meeting goes, once again thankyouxx

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    • sandy says:

      Hi Karen, Hospitals are really bad places for the elderly to be. Get him home asap. In the meanwhile check he is actually getting enough fluids and nutrition. If he has a chest infection make sure he his bed is tilted – or he is at least propped up – especially whilst asleep. Medicines put a lot of strain on the kidneys – get as many meds as possible stopped – only the essentials to continue – to give the kidneys some relief. Find out what he is on and why. For example, does he really need simvastatin for cholestral at his age? Maybe he not on this drug – this was just an example. Make sure he keeps moving – even if bedbound he can still twirl his ankles. Good luck Karen. Sandy.

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