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Special Needs Parents: 6 Ways To Stop Worrying And Start Living

I am not an expert, but I am a mother and that definitely establishes my expertise on ‘Addiction Of Worry!’ We all can say or do whatever we want, but one thing I can absolutely vouch for on the behalf of all the parents of children with special needs is that we worry too much! A lot of times we worry because we have to, but at other times, we choose to stay in this perpetual state of worrying as this feeling gives us a sense of relief. We have been told or shown how parents are supposed to be constantly tensed about everything that their children are not doing. And without much conscious thought, we imbibe the same.

We do know that constant worry can pose a serious threat to our health and that after a few years, it is mostly an indulgence which might not lead to any fruition, but we just like to do it. We can worry about pretty much everything that can be “worried about,” from what therapy to choose to what school to select; from ‘losing out on the ‘super expensive program” to ‘a missed appointment’, the right to worry is copyrighted by us. I am a worrier too, and I am very possessive about my worries. Nobody understands them better than I do but lately when I realized what this habit of being in the ‘never-ending’ state of worry was doing to my physical and mental well-being, I decided to take an action. And this is how I am planning on doing it. Hope you’d get some ideas here to make the journey a little less worrisome

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