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Paramedic reveals stress and depression among workers – ITV News

A paramedic has spoken out about high levels of stress and depression among frontline ambulance workers, saying there was “no respite” from pressures on the service. It comes as figures reveal the number of ‘stress-related’ sick days taken by people working in emergency healthcare – including paramedics and technicians – has rocketed by 40 per cent in just 12 months.

Stuart Gray, who works in London, said the stress of the job had caused him to be off ill on “several occasions”.

We are continually hammered from the moment we sign on duty until we make our weak attempts to get home on time.

There is virtually no respite now. The biggest stress is being asked to deal with things that are clearly not emergencies.

Everybody and his dog wants, or thinks they need, an ambulance. So we are constantly responding under emergency conditions to those who’ve drunk too much alcohol or who’ve been nursing a cough for two weeks.

My colleagues are tired and depressed. They are leaving the profession, or going to places where there is still hope for pre-hospital care.


5 News exclusive – Strain on frontline ambulance staff causes major rise in stress-related illnesses

Paramedics and ambulance technicians took 40% more days off for stress-related illnesses in 2014

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