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CBD Oil, What do you know?

With so many CBD Oils also available on the market. It is very easy to assume they’re all the same. However, as with most things in life, the devil’s in the detail and no two oils are the same. Quality and effectiveness of both affected by many things, but most importantly;

  • The extraction method
  • The ingredients
  • The levels of THC
  • Levels of Turpines
  • Levels of Lectins
  • The purity

Full spectrum or made from Isolates

Oil from the whole plant, not just the stalk

Critical CO2 Extraction

In reality, if you compare all the products available, there’s a vast difference between quality and price.  Not all oils are the same when it comes to creating a quality product. There are many factors which have an impact on the effectiveness within the body.

Oil should come from the whole plant and not just the stalk. This is important because you need the optimum levels of THC, CBD, and Turpines for the best possible results.

As these key elements work synergistically together, and if for example, you were to remove the THC, it could reduce the effectiveness of the oil by up to 50% and removing the THC often means the Turpines are also removed.

The way the oil is extracted obviously has an impact to its purity and although many methods are commonly used elsewhere Critical CO2 Extraction is the purest method available as there are no contaminants left in the oil such as gasoline or ethanol, which are used in some alternative methods.

CO2 extraction machines are very big and involve significant investment, so only big ethical producers can afford them. Once extracted, Organic Sunflower oil is used as a carrier. This sunflower increases the viscosity of the oil and helps the absorption into the body from the mouth.

It also contains Lectins, which is important because these kickstart the absorption of the Cannabinoids into your system. By adding sunflower oil the concentration of THC is decreased to below the legal levels and add to the positive effects.
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Mental Health Awareness Week 2014: Why Is Our Anxiety Getting Out Of Control?

Anxiety is a big issue in British society, and although sometimes it has its place – like when studying for an exam, visiting the doctor or going for a promotion – it becomes a problem when it starts to feel too overwhelming.
According to the charity Mental Health Foundation, levels of anxiety are rising.
Almost one in five people from around the UK feels anxious a lot or all the time, the charity said ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week. A survey conducted by the charity found that almost half of Britons feel more anxious than they used to.

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