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Midwife sacked over new Morecambe Bay death

A midwife who is being probed over the death of a baby eight years ago has been sacked following an investigation into a new fatality.

Lindsey Biggs is one of a band of midwives accused of colluding to cover up blunders which contributed to the deaths of 12 mothers and babies in the Morecambe Bay scandal. The group – who dubbed themselves “the musketeers” – have continued working at the NHS trust despite public outrage over the deaths, which occurred between 2004 and 2013.

Ms Biggs is currently under investigation by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) for alleged failings linked to the case of baby Joshua Titcombe, who died in 2008. She is due to appear in front of regulators this week over the case. But it has now emerged that she has been dismissed by University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay trust over the death of another baby, just four months ago.

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Lindsey Biggs is accused of failings over the deaths of two babies

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Our baby choked to death in nurse’s care so why didn’t they admit it for 14 years? Mother was branded ‘mental’ for pursuing the truth after 11-month-old daughter died

  • Anne Dixon, 52, branded ‘mental’ in police notes during her 14-year battle for the truth behind death of her disabled 11-month-old daughter Elizabeth
  • An agency nurse, Joyce Aburime, with no experience had been looking after Elizabeth and failed to notice a blockage in her tracheostomy tube
  • Anne referred for psychiatric treatment over ‘unreasonable concerns’
  • Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt recently ordered an investigation into case

Anne Dixon sat in the back seat of an unfamiliar car, watching as her husband cradled the lifeless body of her 11-month-old daughter. Overcome with grief and shock, she gazed at Elizabeth’s tiny face, her still frame wrapped in her pink flannelette sheet. In what appeared to be a simple act of compassion, albeit a highly unusual one, Dr Michael Tettenborn – the doctor in charge of Elizabeth’s care – was driving the grieving mother, her husband and their dead baby home.  Also in the car was the nurse, Joyce Aburime, who they held responsible for their daughter’s tragic death. It was only later, after the shock of their loss had subsided, that Anne and Graeme Dixon realised how bizarrely inappropriate this journey home had been.

Earlier that morning, profoundly disabled Elizabeth was rushed to the A&E department at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey after the tracheostomy tube that helped her breathe had become fatally blocked and Elizabeth was suffocating.  As would later emerge, an agency nurse with no experience had been looking after Elizabeth but failed to notice the blockage in the tube. To Anne and Graeme’s utter devastation, their daughter was pronounced dead.

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Collect Photos showing Elizabeth Dixon being held by her Mother  Pix Info : about 4 months old in Great Ormond Street Hospital  Copyright  Photo Dixon Family MAIL ON SUNDAY ONLY  Sent by 14th Oct 2015

Anne Dixon holding Elizabeth when she was about four months old in Great Ormond Street Hospital. Elizabeth was pronounced dead after a nurse with no experience failed to notice the blockage in her tracheostomy tube that helped her breathe. Anne battled health authorities for 14-years and it was only recently that an investigation was ordered by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt



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Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to meet grieving parents in NHS baby death cover-up case

  • Parents Allyn and Jenny Condon’s eight-week-old son Ben died in April
  • They exposed medics trying to cover up failings they say led to his death
  • Jeremy Hunt has agreed to a face-to-face meeting in the new year 

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will meet heartbroken parents who exposed health bosses trying to cover up failings they say led to the death of their baby. Mr Hunt, who is understood to have been deeply moved by the efforts of Allyn and Jenny Condon, has agreed to a face-to-face summit in the new year after The Mail on Sunday revealed their campaign for answers after their eight-week-old son Ben died in April.

When Ben died, medics told the couple that their son was not strong enough to fight off a virus. But two months later they were told Ben had also contracted a bacterial infection – which he could have picked up in hospital. The Condons then exposed how senior staff at Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital discussed deleting a key recording in which they admitted mistakes were made. On the recording, one doctor said Ben’s parents were ‘absolutely right’ to say Ben should have been given antibiotics much sooner.

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2F07EF0F00000578-3367375-image-a-43_1450565870877 Ben Condon

Watch the interview with LBC and listen to the recording.

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