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Desperate plea to save the life of little girl whose time is running out – Can you Help?

A desperate mother is making a final plea for a bone marrow donor for her young daughter before she faces a potentially fatal operation.

Emma Whittaker, six, suffers from Fanconi Anaemia, a blood disorder that can lead to bone marrow failure and cancer, and affects just three in a million people in the UK. Her mum Rachelle Emberton, 42, has been trying to find a match for her for more than two years. Emma’s brother James, four, was diagnosed with the same condition, but while a perfect match was found for him from the bone marrow register straight away, poor Emma is reliant on her father Malcolm Whittaker, 56, who has offered his bone marrow but is only a 6/10 match. She stands a 20 per cent chance of dying if the make-or-break transplant does not succeed. Doctors first scheduled the op for October 2014 but as Emma’s health was relatively good at the time, it was postponed to next March in the hope of finding a better match.

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