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Careworker jailed for string of sickening sex attacks on dementia sufferers as old as 101

Sick, sick sick… And when you think you have heard it all before. What is our world coming to with such sick and evil people in the world, Joanna


A PERVERTED careworker who filmed herself sexually assaulting vulnerable elderly patients at a care home has been jailed for ten years.

Christina Sethi, 25, preyed upon dementia sufferers – the oldest of which was 101 – in an attempt to get away with her depraved attacks. The carer admitted five counts of sexual assault.

She had filmed the incidents and sent them to her boyfriend, with the abuse coming to light after a man who bought her computer found deleted videos of the attacks. Plymouth Crown Court heard Sethi filmed herself using a vibrator on a female dementia victim, aged in her 80s, and fondled the naked breast and genitalia of a female 101 year old.  The video of the abuse lasted seven and a half minutes and the victim could be heard complaining to the carer, saying: “What are you doing to me?” The attacks she filmed were on two of the care home’s most vulnerable residents.

Police said that although the victim in her 80s was unable to complain due to her dementia, she knew something was happening to her. Sethi – who had no previous convictions – also sexually assaulted a blind dementia sufferer, married and in his eighties, when she stroked his penis after washing him.  One of the elderly victims, resident at a South Devon care home which cannot be named for legal reasons, has since died.

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Christina Sethi was jailed for ten years

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Residents moved out of care home

CARE home residents were moved out after a damning inspection report raised fears for their safety.

Southend Council decided to remove residents from Chadwick Lodge Residential Home in Chadwick Road, Westcliff,  after it was placed placed in special measures by the Care Quality Commission. Inspectors from the Government watchdog released a report saying the home was inadequate in safety, effectiveness, care and leadership after an unannounced inspection.

The commission was called in after Southend Council raised concerns and found poor training, neglectful care, unexplained injuries and even the hiring convicted criminals without proper checks – one of which had been suspended while the council investigated allegations against them.

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Chadwick Lodge – residents were moved out

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Care home abuse allegations increasing under ‘strained’ system. By Nicola Merrifield, Nursing Times

Allegations of abuse in care homes are being made at almost double the rate they were four years ago, with an average of 150 now being reported every day, according to figures from the Care Quality Commission.

In 2011, around 30,000 allegations were reported to the regulator by providers of adult social care. More than 27,000 of those came from care homes. In the first six months of this year, just over 30,000 abuse allegations were already reported to the CQC. Nearly 24,000 occurred in care homes.

The data was released following a Freedom of Information request by The Observer newspaper, which also interviewed the CQC’s chief inspector of adult social care, Andrea Sutcliffe. Ms Sutcliffe told the paper that the figures showing more allegations being reported were indicative of care providers and those using the services being increasingly aware of the need to notify authorities aboutpotential abuse.  But she did say she was concerned by the “kind of increase there has been, the numbers of people directly affected”, and that 125 more CQC inspectors were now being recruited to help tackle the issue. Cuts in funding and a lack of political leadership had helped to create a sector that was now under “stress and strain”, said Ms Sutcliffe.

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Care home abuse allegations increasing under strained system


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94-year-old humiliated by care staff as she begged for their help

A daughter recorded care home workers humiliating her mum as she begged for help.

The staff members were caught out when a secret tape recorded them giving a slow round of applause to distressed Doreen MacIntyre, 94, after she asked for “a hand”. The shocking treatment was captured on a secret recording device hidden by concerned daughter Blan Bremner.

The 16-hour tape revealed two members of staff persistently behaving inappropriately in front of Doreen. The carers were suspended and later resigned as a result of the incident, but Blan – who felt “physically sick” after listening to the tape – is calling for further action against those responsible. “They were sarcastic, vindictive and showed no respect to her,” she said. “I burst into tears listening to it.”

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Doreen MacIntyre

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Spy camera captures ‘sickening’ treatment of Freda, 84, in care home

THIS is the shocking moment a great-grandmother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is degraded by staff at her care home.

Widow Freda Jobson’s family used a camera hidden in a clock to capture footage after becoming concerned about bedsores on the 84-year-old’s body. High-quality footage shows Mrs Jobson, who herself spent 30 years as a carer, lying in bed at Keldgate Manor Residential Home in Beverley as carers:

– Ask her if she is a witch and whether she has ever practiced black magic.

– Mimic her groaning, caused by her dementia, while one is shown bent double laughing.

– Remove a bandage used to cover a bedsore on her elbow and wrap it around Mrs Jobson’s head while laughing at her.

Click on the link to read and watch the video to see how these unfeeling so called carers mimic 84 year old Freda


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Elderly man ‘held prisoner’ in care home

An elderly man suffering from dementia was treated like a “prisoner” after social workers dispatched him to a nursing home against his and his family’s wishes without going through proper legal processes, a formal investigation has found. Staff at Cambridgeshire County Council decided behind closed doors to declare the man, named only as N, unfit to decide his own care after his wife contacted them simply inquiring about the possibility of him going to a day centre for an extra day a week. The Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) found that social workers failed to carry out proper assessments of his mental capacity or best interests or meet basic legal requirements for depriving him of his liberty.

A report details how he was sent to a home an hour’s bus journey away from his wife, who repeatedly objected to the placement backed up by other family members. He was locked in to stop him wandering off and his wife, daughter and brother were all separately warned that police would be called if they tried to take him home.

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How to claim a refund on NHS care home fees

Two million elderly people have had to use their savings to cover care fees over the last five years when they could be entitled to free treatment through the NHS
Hundreds of UK families are owed thousands of pounds, after being forced to sell their homes, in order to pay for care home fees.

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My nan’s body died… today – Dedicated to my nan, Eileen RIP – by John David Baker

My nan’s body died… today
We buried her shell
She was a lovely women, that for the last three years had lived a life of hell!
Surrounded, by people she did not know
Surrounded, by carring, but hard pressed staff, in a nursing home
The frail old lady that could not… talk
The frail old lady that could not… walk
The frail old lady in the… incontinent pads!
The frail old lady that could not… dance
The frail old lady, that sat and napped all day
The scared old lady that cried somedays
…and staff, let this story be told, when they had enought time on their hands, her hands would hold
but there was so few of you, and so many hands to hold
and while the care staff worked their fingers to the bone
My frail old nan would sit in a chair.. alone
A frail old lady, scared, in a room full of people
so very alone
But, I remember the days when this frail old lady was so young, free and seldom alone
and my nan cared for me
and she was, and still is the world to me
but, I lost you twice nan
I lost you twice
I lost the wonderful person that loved and guided me
And then the frighten, confused, frail old lady, that could hardly see
And to the staff that care for my nan, THANK YOU for you all did your best
but you know what? society needs to SEE
That we could do much better
its not hard to BE
So give us more kind staff, to hold people’s hands and then we will see, yes then we will see

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Frail care patient, 97, ‘had excrement smeared on his nose by a nurse as punishment for being incontinent’

A frail 97-year-old care patient had human excrement smeared on his nose by a nurse who scolded him for being incontinent, a jury was told.
Care home worker Barbara Kowalska is accused of ranting at elderly cancer patient Albert Inggall, calling him ‘dirty and filthy’ before shouting at him: ‘If you do this again you’ll be eating s*** cake.’
The 34-year-old nurse, who was working at the BUPA-run Donnington Care Home, in Donnington, near Newbury, Berkshire denies a single count of the neglect of a person with mental incapacity.

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‘Britain’s worst care home’: Damning report into ‘harrowing neglect’ at £3,000-a-month home aims to stop ‘institutionalised abuse’ of the elderly

Serious Case Review has made 34 recommendations after examining failings at Orchid View care home in Copthorne, West Sussex
An inquest last October examined the deaths of 19 residents in total – all were found to have received ‘sub-optimal care’
But five residents, Wilfred Gardner, Enid Trodden, Jean Halfpenny, John Holmes and Margaret Tucker died of natural causes after suffering ‘neglect’
Lack of respect and dignity, poor nutrition and hydration, mismanagement of medication and a shortage of staff, found to be among the home’s failings
Call bells went unanswered, some were out of patients’ reach and the home was branded ‘an accident waiting to happen’, an inquest heard
The £3,000-a-month Southern Cross-run home was shut down in 2011 following an investigation by the Care Quality Commission
Calls for private care firms to be scrutinised along the same lines as NHS
Families called for public inquiry, branding Orchid View ‘the worst care home in the country disguised as the best’

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