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3,000 heart attack and stroke victims suffer delays after falling ill at weekends

3,000 heart attack and stroke victims a year are suffering delays being admitted to hospitals after falling ill at weekends, because NHS services are not working round the clock, a new report suggests. Senior doctors last night warned that patients are dying needlessly because of poor access to GPs and out-of-hours services failing to detect emergency cases which should be sent to hospital. New analysis of national NHS data shows a steep drop in the number of cases being admitted to hospital as an emergency at weekends, and a still sharper fall in the number who were sent there by GPs.

The figures suggest that each year, 3,144 patients suffering from heart attacks and strokes end up suffering a delay of at least 24 hours being admitted to hospital, because their case was not identified as an emergency.

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NHS lets down patients with appalling standards at weekends, says top doctor

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Stranded in his pyjamas and covered in a flimsy blanket, this is how a 95-year-old great-grandfather was left ‘in agony’ for TEN HOURS waiting to leave hospital after pneumonia

Huddled in a wheelchair, wearing just his pyjamas and a thin dressing gown, a filmsy blanket draped over him. Stranded, ‘in agony’, freezing and longing for a bite to eat. That was how 95-year-old Arthur Wilson was found, 10 hours after he was told he was to be discharged from Warrington Hospital after suffering from pneumonia.  The great-grandfather, who was waiting to be taken back to his care home, was found in the ‘freezing’ discharge lounge, where he had been left all day. His daughters said they are ‘outraged’ after seeing their elderly father, who had been admitted two weeks earlier, sitting in his pyjamas covered with a single blanket. Mr Wilson, who suffers Paget’s disease – a painful bone disorder – had not been fed all day and was left ‘in agony’ from sitting in his wheelchair.

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Would the staff in that hospital left their own father in that condition? It’s just shocking how they have become distant to the human race with care and compassion

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