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I found this page while looking on internet for help.
My dad is dying he has been in hospital for several weeks 1st they said kidney failure then too much potassium he had to have his blood filtered and cleaned(very poorly ICU 4days) on the mend then breathing became bad so they said its his lungs..then we were told he has heart failure. My dad then got so much better 3 days was great and thought he was coming home. Over night he went so bad again. Consultants told my mum there is nothing they can do but make him comfortable. They said not to give dialysis as he may have heart attack. I am seeing the consultant Monday for the 1st time and would really appreciate if anyone can help me with what questions I should ask. I am going to demand dialysis I cannot allow my dad to just rot and die without trying treatment. I would rather him die trying than to die with no hope. If he has a heart attack while having dialysis then at least its quicker than what he is going through now. People with some knowledge of my situation may be able to give advise to bombard consultant and back him in a corner so he cant wriggle out of agreeing to dialysis for my dad. Im not ready to lose my dad yet not without a fight.

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NHS Highland accused of ‘breaching human rights’

A health board is being accused of breaching the human rights of two patients who have had to travel almost 700 miles a week for months to access dialysis treatment.
The women, who both live in Campbeltown, have to travel to Vale of Leven Hospital in ­Alexandria as NHS Highland provides no dialysis machines.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Kathleen Sharp, 64, and Mary MacKay, 73, make the six-hour, 230-mile return trip to hospital. A third dialysis patient from the isle of Gigha clocks up almost 600 miles a week and is collected in a separate car to tie in with ferry times.

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Warning over level of avoidable hospital kidney deaths – By The Press Association – 22 April, 2014 |

When my mother was in hospital, her kidneys started to fail soon after her operation. It took some time to diagnose she had a problem, hence she ended up on dialysis, contracted Clostridium difficile and died 6 months later. It’s all in my book “The Last Six Months”, a horror story of neglect.

Please click on the link to read the article by the Press Association

Warning over level of avoidable hospital kidney deaths


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