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They’re trying to kill me’ – Great Yarmouth great-grandfather before his hospital death

A Norfolk widow has revealed her final conversation with her husband just hours before NHS staff followed a ‘do not resuscitate’ notice without consent.

Former metal polisher and gardener Michael Richardson, 66, of Bath Hill Terrace, Great Yarmouth, died at James Paget University Hospital (JPH) in Gorleston on October 27 2013. His widow Janet, 66, has accused medics of playing God with his life after discovering that a do not resuscitate (DNR) notice had been placed on him without consent by the family or Mr Richardson. He had been ill for several years with a lung condition which caused his breathing to stop but had been given more than a year to live.

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Michael Richardson died at James Paget University Hospital in Gorleston in October 2013.

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Please read this shocking account of what is happening to this lady. She is being starved against her will

I have published a new story on All Your Stories – Strength in Numbers

“My mother is a strong Catholic, is capable of eating, and said has expressed her desire to live, and that the forced palliative care is against her faith. Pinetum Nursing home has been removing food and drinks from my mother in order to stop her from recovering. This is a gross abuse of a patient that they are supposed to be trying to help get better” Dr Mark Jones

Please read Dr Mark Jones statement on the treatment his mother is receiving in a care home. She is being starved against her will. There is no medical reason for them removing sustenance from her other than to accelerate her death.

Mark wants want results and action. “If asked of me, I have all of the evidence needed in order to substantiate these claims in the form of witnesses as well as photographs/videos. The disregard that these establishments are showing for their patients are cruel and must be stopped”

Click on the pdf link to read…  Dr Mark Jones statement


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