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Help Hannah get a new heart and join the donor register

WHILE many of us are hoping for clothes, books, DVDs and jewellery for Christmas, Hannah Cochrane is asking for a new heart. The 21-year-old is on the organ transplant waiting list and is urging people to sign the register to help her and others. The administrator had been healthy all her life until she noticed a change in June 2013. Hannah, of St Ursula Grove, Southsea, said: ‘I started to lose my appetite, felt sick, lost weight, and couldn’t even climb a flight of stairs without feeling out of breath. ‘After going to the doctor four times, I was referred to Queen Alexandra Hospital.’ Tests revealed her heart was three times the size it should be and was put into intensive care where she was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy.

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‘There is a shortage of donated organs but if more families agreed to donate a loved one’s organs, more people would get the transplants they need.’  To join, visit, or call 0300 123 23 23.

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Chloe Beaney 14 years old is saved after having a successful heart transplant

Great news. I posted on 26th November that Chloe 14 years old was waiting for a heart transplant. Yesterday she got her wish and was given a new heart. My thoughts and prayers go to the family of the donor who unselfishly gave the heart of their loved one to save the life of another. Joanna

Seriously ill teenager Chloe Beaney’s prayers have been answered as she has got a new heart. It has been a race against time to save the 14-year-old as she was in desperate need of a transplant and medics feared she may only have weeks if not days, to live. Yesterday morning Chloe and her family were given the news that a suitable heart had become available and the youngster underwent the life-saving operation within hours.

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Chloe, 14, waits for heart transplant – Please share

Teenager Chloe Beaney may only have days to live – unless a donor heart can be found. Her desperate family are glued to the bedside of the 14-year-old awaiting news that would save her life. Chloe was admitted to Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital two weeks ago and put at the top of the transplant list having seen her health rapidly deteriorate since summer. So far, two matches have failed due to the poor condition of the hearts, leaving mum Katrina Wilkinson, dad Colin Wilkinson, step sister Siobhan, 18, and brother Dylan, 10, praying for “third time lucky”, as doctors say she may have just days to live.

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