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One important reason why healthcare whistleblowers need to be protected – by Amanda Nieweler | WhistleBlower Security

Because they have first sight into the safety and treatment of patients

There’s been much in the media spotlight lately around UK healthcare whistleblowers. The scandal-hit Stafford Hospital has had it’s fair share of spotlight over questionable treatment of patients, and many patient deaths, that could have been prevented if only those in charge actually took seriously, the concerns raised from employees.

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One baby dead and 14 with blood poisoning from contaminated drip

A total of 15 babies in six hospitals across England have developed septicaemia after being infected by hospital drip

Hospitals with cases
• Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust (4 cases)
• Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation T rust (3 cases)
• The Whittington Hospital (1 case)
• Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (3 cases)
• CUH Addenbrookes (Cambridge University Hospitals) (2 cases)
– Luton and Dunstable University Hospital (2 cases)

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PALS – Shocking. Why I am not surprised.

This is from Daniel Sencier Blog – You will not believe this! I phoned PALS just now, 01228 814008. Don’t forget, this is the Patient Advice and Liaison Service, the number you phone when things are going bad for you at the hospital and you need someone to sort it. I’ve just got severe back pain, but there will be people with cancer and all sorts of terrible problems trying this number. A voicemail says, “The office is unmanned as the service has been reduced, please leave a message…”

What do we do Cumbria? Where do we go? Should we give up?


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Dan Sencier [ BBC radio interview] regarding the NHS

Please click on the link to hear Dan Sencier’s brilliant radio interview
His story about the lack of support within the NHS

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Eight patients a week maimed by hospital blunders: Official NHS figures reveal shocking number of serious injuries caused by medical incompetence

  • In 2010-2011 eight patients a week were left brain-damaged, blind or missing a limb
  • £30million in compensation was paid out to those injured
  • Amputation payouts alone cost £18million

Eight patients a week are left brain-damaged, blind or missing a limb due to NHS blunders, official figures reveal.

In 2010-11, more than £30million compensation was paid out for such injuries, part of a record £1.3billion bill for mistakes by careless or incompetent medical staff.

There were 215 claims for brain damage, with almost £12million paid out.

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Currently, any Healthcare Professional causing the negligent death of a patient is not legally obliged to be Open, Honest & Transparent with bereaved relatives or to refrain falsifying the deceased patient’s medical records.

“As the law stands now, however, doctors have no duty to give parents of a child who died as a result of their negligence a truthful account of the circumstances of the death, nor even to refrain from deliberately falsifying records.” ECHR May 2000.

We want the Government to create a law to make it a legal requirement to inform patients or next of kin of errors or incidents which may cause serious harm or death.

Robbie’s family continue to campaign 22 years on, not only for justice for Robbie, but to ensure other families don’t have their grief exacerbated by the dishonesty of the medical profession.

Please sign the petition & encourage ALL family & friends to do the same.

Click on the link to sign –

More Info –

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Hospital apologises to 38 families for appalling care that saw a patient starve to death

An NHS hospital has apologised to 38 families after a patient starved to death and it left other dying people screaming in pain.

Alexandra Hospital in Redditch is writing to 38 families after a massive legal action that exposed years of bad practice, ranging from nurses taunting patients to leaving an elderly woman unwashed for 11 weeks.

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Seriously ill baby forced to wait for 12 hours in A&E because no suitable bed was available in all of Britain

  • Staff rang 29 units but all 320 beds were already occupied by sick children
  • A bed was eventually found nearly 100 miles away in Sheffield
  • Case emerged as specialists warned of shortage of beds for children

A seriously ill baby was forced to wait in an Accident and Emergency ward for more than 12 hours because there were no suitable beds available anywhere in the UK.

The shocking case emerged as specialists yesterday warned the Department of Health about a national shortage of intensive care beds for children this winter.

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Andrew Lansley and key health figures meet at NHS Whistleblowing Summit

Health secretary Andrew Lansley MP was joined by senior representatives from trade unions, patient groups, royal colleges and other representative healthcare bodies in a Whistleblowing Summit. This Summit was organised by the NHS Employers organisation to identify collective ways to help staff raise concerns and support whistleblowing, which is crucial to the safety and care of patients.

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