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Listen! I’ll make you hear the whole world anew: The joy of the piano. The sound of footsteps. Even the hum of the fridge. How one woman’s inspiring story will make YOU appreciate the sounds you take for granted

She has a condition that left her deaf and now is robbing her of her sight. Yesterday, in our first extract from her new book, Jo Milne told of the wonderful moment in 2014 she heard a human voice for the first time at 39. Here, in the final instalment, she recalls how she became a worldwide sensation, how she discovered music — and how she also changed the life of a man who years before had been so cruel to her…

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Falling in love: Jo reacts as she hears for the first time when her cochlear implants are successfully turned on

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Shock over plan to cut free NHS hearing aids: Thousands could be denied device under cost-cutting plans

Thousands of people who struggle to hear properly could be denied NHS hearing aids under ‘shocking’ cost-cutting plans being considered by health bosses.
Under the new proposals, those classed as ‘hard-of-hearing’ would have to wait until they had ‘severe’ hearing loss to qualify for the devices.

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