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Wrong foot in the grave – EXCLUSIVE: Family kiss ‘dead mum’ goodbye… but she’s alive in ward next door

A DAUGHTER kissed her mum goodbye after being told she had died — then found seven hours later it was the wrong body.

Grieving Liz Page, 61, and husband Gerry, 72, were too upset to notice the hospital blunder when they were ushered into a cubicle. Liz said: “I couldn’t believe it. I was angry and delighted at the same time.” She added: “They said, ‘We’re very sorry, your mother’s not dead, she’s on another part of the ward.’ “They said the woman who died had a similar name and they pulled out the wrong file.”

A brain scan revealed some bleeding and Phyllis was put on oxygen. Liz and hubby Gerry spent the evening at her bedside before returning to their home nearby. Liz recalled: “I didn’t sleep very well and at about 4.50am I had a phone call from the hospital. “They said they were sorry to say my mum had passed away and asked if I wanted to see her. It was news I was expecting to hear.

“A nurse showed us into the cubicle. We were there about three or four minutes I suppose. “I just said, ‘Goodbye’ and kissed her forehead and came out.

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Shock … Liz Page with mum Phyllis Lilley

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Tragic infant died following delayed Caesarean delivery caused by hospital IT blunder

Inquest hears how devastated Natasha and Sean Butler lost baby Spencer following catalogue of ‘missed opportunities’ at Royal Oldham hospital

An infant was delivered tragically late after an IT blunder at a major maternity unit, an inquest heard. Natasha and Sean Butler lost their baby Spencer after a catalogue of errors and “missed opportunities” at the Royal Oldham Hospital in May 2014. And the devastated Oldham couple suffered further distress when they accidentally received a letter congratulating them on the birth just days after he had died.

Spencer was one of seven baby deaths at the centre of an investigation into two maternity units ran by Penine Acute Trust. Medical staff from the Royal Oldham Hospital wept as they gave evidence at an inquest into Spencer’s death on Wednesday. The court heard how Mr and Mrs Butler’s concerns about their unborn child were ignored over four days by busy medical staff on Royal Oldham’s maternity unit.

The mum-to-be was already 42 weeks pregnant when admitted on May 16 – yet she repeatedly went hours without being examined by a doctor.

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Photographer wins £2.4m damages payout from the NHS after hospital negligence wrecked her career and left her incontinent and ruined her sex life

A mother-of-three whose sex life was ruined after a negligent delay in spinal surgery has won £2.4million in damages from the NHS.

Heather Tait was in tears yesterday when the award was announced at London’s High Court. The 34-year-old photographer had told an earlier hearing in Birmingham that her ‘passionate’ sex life with her husband Russel had been ruined by the complications she continues to suffer from. Judge Martin McKenna, who made the award, said Mrs Tait had told doctors that she ‘now feels that to a degree there is no point in having intercourse’. She also felt her closeness with her husband had been ‘jeopardised’ by her lack of enjoyment in sex.

Judge Martin McKenna, who made the award, said Mrs Tait had told doctors that she ‘now feels that to a degree there is no point in having intercourse’. She also felt her closeness with her husband had been ‘jeopardised’ by her lack of enjoyment in sex.

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Heather Tait (left) was suffering from acute back pain when medics sent her home without carrying out an MRI scan


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City lawyer sues London hospital for £1.5m after appendix blunder left her infertile

A leading City lawyer whose hopes of motherhood were devastated after doctors failed to notice that she needed emergency surgery to remove her appendix is suing the hospital for £1.5 million in damages. But the NHS Trust’s lawyers say she deserves only £300,000 because if she had had children they would have hampered her high-flying career. Sarah Marquis was “rendered infertile” when her appendix burst. Medics at Homerton Hospital failed to spot in time that it needed emergency removal, the High Court heard.

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Compensation bid: Sarah Marquis outside the High Court (Picture: Richard Gittins/Champion News)

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Surgeon sacked after giving man a VASECTOMY by mistake during minor operation

A surgeon who gave a man a vasectomy by mistake has been sacked with doctors admitting an attempt to reverse the blunder failed.
The horrific mistake happened when the man was undergoing a minor operation at Liverpool’s Broadgreen Hospital earlier this year.
The hospital “apologised unreservedly” to the patient at the time – but it is now understood the man has been told a procedure to correct the error did not work.
This means that although he may still be able to have children through IVF he will not be able to have children naturally.
The urology department at Broadgreen Hospital has now admitted the vasectomy error was just one of five botched operations in twelve months

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