Strength in Numbers dedicated to my late mother Kay

My best friend Marsha’s daughter Lauren is desperately trying to raise money for Jeyda and Sherri her mum, please help.

Jeyda is 21 years old and was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis – a rare form of juvenile arthritis – 8 years ago. It developed into uveitis – inflammation of the eye, in both eyes – not long after. She maintained it fairly well until recently, when she had a huge flare up that has left her with very little vision, a hugely inflamed spine that has left her wheelchair-bound, and a new diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, all before her 21st birthday.

Her amazingly strong and inspirational mother, Sherri, has supported her relentlessly but has had to give up work to stay with Jeyda in the hospital. She is a single mum with no support and they need some help to get them through this time.

We can’t cure Jeyda instantly, but we can help this amazing family financially if we all give just a little bit.

Jeyda should be in her third year of university, going traveling with her friends and enjoying these years but instead she is in a hospital bed in UCLH. Please help to help them…

Please click on the link to help

15220228_1348163211900803_7365561612533976554_n Jeyda

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