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Winterbourne View scandal families urge PM to shut ‘outdated care units’

Families of victims of the Winterbourne View scandal have written to the Prime Minister demanding he shuts outdated care home institutions.

In an open letter they express “anger” at the “painfully slow lack of change” five years after abuse at the former private hospital near Bristol was exposed in an undercover BBC Panorama documentary.

A recent report revealed that some 3,500 vulnerable people with learning disabilities are still languishing at inpatient units despite a Government pledge to close them in the wake of the Winterbourne View scandal.

Now five years after the documentary was broadcast, families of some of the victims are demanding action.

Click on the link to read the open letter

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Revealed: NHS hospitals investigate one in seven deaths of vulnerable patients

Jeremy Hunt urged to investigate after trusts examine just 209 of 1,436 deaths of inpatients with learning disabilities

Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, is facing calls for a nationwide inquiry into the deaths of highly vulnerable patients in NHS care after it emerged that just one in seven such fatalities in hospitals in England have been investigated.

Data released to the Guardian under freedom of information laws show that hospitals in England have investigated just 209 out of 1,436 deaths of inpatients with learning disabilities since 2011. Even among deaths they classed as unexpected, hospitals inquired into only a third. Just 100 (36.2%) of the 276 deaths in that category were the subject of an investigation, despite longstanding concerns that these patients receive poorer care and are at higher risk of dying while in hospital.

“The findings from this investigation are very concerning,” said Prof Mike Richards, England’s chief inspector of hospitals. “We’re keen to work with the Guardian to look at the new information in more detail. This will help us to plan the review that CQC [Care Quality Commission] is already committed to doing.”


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Launch of Learning Disability Alliance England

LDA England is an alliance of all those committed to the rights of people with learning disabilities. It brings together the four main umbrella organisations for people with learning disabilities:

  • National Forum of People with Learning Disabilities – representing self-advocacy groups
  • National Valuing Families Forum – representing family groups across England
  • Association for Real Change – representing 200 service providers
  • Housing & Support Alliance – representing 150 service and housing providers

In just a few weeks over 100 further organisations and over 1,200 individuals have also joined the campaign. LDA England is the first alliance to bring together people with learning disabilities, families and their allies on the basis of equality and respect.

Click here to go to website


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