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Robbie Powell post death falsifying medical records. Please read, thank you. Will Powell father of Robbie

Robbie Powell, aged 10, from Ystradgynlais, Powys, died at Swansea’s Morriston Hospital, of Addison’s disease in 1990.

Very serious allegations have been made since 1990 regarding the post death falsifying of Robbie’s medical records by both the Ystradgynlais Group Practice and Morriston Hospital. 

Some facts

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Robbie Powell The Crown Prosecution Service



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Statement from NHS England and the Health and Social Care Information Centre in response to the Daily Telegraph article, ‘Tesco can see your medical records’

We would like to make clear that the article published by the Daily Telegraph, ‘Tesco can see your medical records’ contains a number of inaccuracies.

The Summary Care Record (SCR) is used by healthcare professionals, on explicit consent of the patient, to support direct patient care. While a regulated healthcare professional may have secure, controlled access to the SCR in a pharmacy within a supermarket as with any other pharmacy setting, this information is not accessible by other means and will never be available to supermarkets for other purposes, such as marketing. The information can only be accessed through a secure, encrypted private network by authorised, regulated pharmacy professionals who have been carefully granted a pin-protected access card.

If a pharmacy professional shared confidential patient information for any purpose other than direct care, they can be held liable in law and held to account by the General Pharmaceutical Council, which has the legal authority to apply sanctions, up to and including withdrawal of their license to practice. There are specific processes in place which means accesses to SCR are monitored to make sure they are appropriate and are only made for patients when there is a clinical need.

NHS England commissioned the Health and Social Care Information Centre to complete a pilot project which enabled 140 pharmacies to access SCR. A report of the findings from this project, which the article states has been ‘seen by the Daily Telegraph’ demonstrates significant benefits to patients, pharmacy and general practice. The report was made public on our website on 23 June 2015:

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The Telegraph news article 

Boots, Tesco and Superdrug to get access to NHS medical records



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Controversial NHS patient data sharing pilot scheme may be delayed until 2015

Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the Patients Association, said the public was ‘broadly supportive’ of data sharing.

Pilot schemes for the delayed and controversial NHS programme to share data from patients’ medical records might not start until well into the new year, it has emerged. The launch of the care data programme was postponed for at least six months in February this year – well past its planned date of April 2014 – and NHS has now said it will not even have completed signing up GP practices for experiments in how it might work until the new year. Doctors in four parts of the country will be involved, and there will be trials in how to inform the public and patients about how the system will work, its perceived benefits and on how they can opt out of having confidential information shared.

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Katherine Murphy

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NHS data is snooped on six times every day: Staff caught looking at records of friends, family and even love rivals

The privacy of patients’ medical records is being breached by snooping NHS staff an average of six times a day. Personal details have been posted on social media or even dumped by the side of the road. In one instance, a manager at a GP surgery went through the files of nearly 2,000 women for his own ‘interests’.  Other staff have been caught looking at the medical records of their friends, family and, in one case, a love rival.

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The report from the campaign group Big Brother Watch shows that between 2011 to 2014, there have been at least 7,255 breaches. This is the equivalent to 6 breaches every day. Examples of the data breaches include:                                             

  • At least 50 instances of data being posted on social media
  • At least 143 instances of data being accessed for “personal reasons”
  • At least 124 instances of cases relating to IT systems
  • At least 103 instances of data loss or theft
  • At least 236 instances of data being shared inappropriately via Email, letter or Fax
  • At least 251 instances of data being inappropriately shared with a third party
  • At least 115 instances of staff accessing their own records.
  • There have been at least 32 resignations during the course of disciplinary proceeding


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NHS patients in England to have online medical records by April 2015

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has promised all NHS patients in England will have online access to their medical records by April 2015. Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, Hunt claimed England will be the first country in the world to offer such access to patient data. “It means you will no longer have to pay to access your medical record. You’ll be able to see it and show it to anyone you choose. You’ll find it easier to do detailed research about your condition and easier to challenge decisions. Because the boss is not the doctor – it’s you,” he said.

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Medical Records Request – Template Letter DOC version

Thought this may be helpful to some of you, Medical Records Request – Template Letter DOC version

Please click on link to download

Medical Records Request Template Letter (1)

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