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BBC war reporter, 49, flies to Mexico for a £62,000 MS operation after being refused NHS treatment

  • Caroline Wyatt travelled to a private hospital in Puebla in January
  • The neurological condition affects victims ability to swallow, see and think 
  • MS doctors used her own stem cells to ‘regrow’ her immune system 
  • She lost all her hair after the treatment and felt as ‘vulnerable as a newborn’   

A former BBC war correspondent has been forced to spend £62,000 of her own money after being refused NHS treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Caroline Wyatt, 49, flew to Mexico for groundbreaking therapy for her crippling neurological condition. The illness, which affects the brain and the spinal cord, makes it hard for victims to balance, gives them double vision and even affects their ability to swallow and to think.

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Miss Wyatt traveled to a private hospital in Puebla, two hours south of Mexico City, and started treatment in January. In the grueling operation, MS doctors use the patients healthy stem cells to ‘re-grow’ their immune system. Pictured right, Miss Wyatt receiving treatment

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