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Nurses admit elderly patient neglect at scandal hit hospital

Two nurses have admitted neglecting elderly patients at a scandal-hit hospital run by the Welsh NHS. Natalie Jones, 40, and Lauro Bertulano, 45, pleaded guilty to falsifying medical records and wilfully neglecting patients at the Princess of Wales Hospital. Another nurse Rebecca Jones, 30, has already pleading guilty after a police investigation into the falsification of patient notes at the 1,500-bed hospital at Bridgend, South Wales. A total of 15 nurses from the same health board working in the Princess of Wales hospital and Morriston Hospital in Swansea have been suspended as part of an ongoing internal inquiry into neglect. It follows by families whose elderly relatives have died after alleged “neglect, poor care and mistreatment” at the Welsh NHS hospitals.

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Cameron’s Lies Concerning the Scottish Referendum – With thanks for the video from Named and Shamed

Cameron’s lies to the general public, throughout his ‘no vote’ in the Scottish referendum. The NHS is above the law, doctors, surgeons, radiologists, nurses etc., make mistakes, and to cover for those mistakes, they deliberately ‘lose’ peoples’ medical records, which are supposedly ‘legal binding documents’ , they unreport evident damage on xrays, MRI scans etc., and lie, thereby falsifying records as to the true

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Struck off and shamed… so why is groping psychotherapist still free to treat women today?: Victims said they were asked to undress – but lack of regulation means firm found to be ‘abusing trust’ keep operating

Tina Welch still finds it hard to explain why she ended up naked in her psychotherapist’s office, fending off his unwanted embrace. For, despite feeling extremely uncomfortable, she had followed his instructions to undress.
Shocking as it may seem he, too, had stripped off, bizarrely claiming he would ‘offer his body’ to her in a bid to help her work through intimacy problems in her relationship.

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