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Exclusive: Trust guilty of serious service failure over child’s death by Shaun Lintern written for HSJ

A litany of failings in the care and treatment of a four year old boy who died at a specialist children’s hospital were so severe they amounted to service failure, according to a new investigation.

The damning report, seen exclusively by HSJ, reveals a list of 22 failures by nurses and doctors at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and also casts doubt over the conclusions of an earlier independent review of the case which was commissioned by NHS England.

Sean Turner, who died in March 2012, was left so seriously dehydrated due to poor management of his condition by hospital staff that his parents described him as sucking moisture from wet wipes. He died from a bleed on the brain following major heart surgery following weeks of poor care. In one incident staff at the hospital gave him clot-busting treatment for three days instead of the recommended six hours and failed to stop his blood-thinning medication at the same time when they should have done.

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Sean Turner

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My mum died after being left in her own urine for eight days

Its beggars belief that we keep on seeing these shocking photo’s and stories of complete and utter neglect. How any human being can be left and treated in such an inhumane way.  Joanna


Daughter claims her tragic 69-year-old mum was left in a disgusting condition as carers “neglected her and took away her dignity”

A devastated woman has ­accused care workers of negligence following the death of her mum – who was left lying in a urine-soaked bed for eight days. Margot Green, 69, was being visited by carers at her home twice daily but one day pressed her emergency alarm and was rushed to hospital. Doctors at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton found the pensioner was in agony with ammonia burns. Although medics confirmed she had an infection, she was too frail to have more tests and died four days later.

Daughter Corrin Garland, 43, says she returned to her mum’s house and was horrified to find it in a “disgusting” condition. Margot’s bed was covered in urine and faeces and Corrin claims she had not been showered for three weeks. Corrin has now made an official ­complaint to Way Ahead Care, who ­provided Margot with two half-hour care visits each day for £35 a week.

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Soiled: Margot Green’s living conditions while she was in care

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When it’s time to fire your doctor by Dr Owen Wiese

Dr Owen Wiese says the difference between negligence and an honest mistake is a fine line in the medical profession. Here are some examples of just plain bad doctoring he’s seen.

“Doctors bury their mistakes” is a sad, but unfortunately not completely untrue saying.

A study published in the British Medical Journal Quality and Safety in 2013 estimates that 10 to 15% of diagnoses made by doctors are completely wrong. (The study also found major diagnostic discrepancies in 10-20% of autopsy cases.). In fact, medical care is the third leading cause of death in the United States. I’m sure in South Africa things may not be much different, even if they are for different reasons.

As a GP in my ‘previous life’, I encountered rather strange diagnoses made by my colleagues in clinical practice.

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NHS scandal: 1,000 babies die a year due to ‘shocking’ standards – costing us £1 BILLION

CAMPAIGNERS have slammed the NHS after “shocking” figures revealed that more than 1,000 babies were killed in maternity units last year.

Officials paid just under £1billion to settle 1,316 claims of negligence, including maimed babies – up from £488 million 10 years ago.  James Titcombe, whose son Joshua died nine days after his birth in 2008, condemned the NHS for not “leaning from mistakes”  He said: “That we’re spending £1billion is absolutely shocking. “There should be no room for failing to learn, yet the system that we have at the moment is woefully inadequate.” A police investigation into Joshua’s death was widened to include 18 other premature deaths at the same maternity unit.

Death rates in Britain vary from 5.4 to 7.1 per 1,000 births, with experts urging the worst performing areas to investigate wrongdoings.

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Will Powell: “For 25 Years The State Has Covered Up The Negligence That Killed My Boy Robbie”

Please watch and listen to Will Powell’s shocking account of what happened to his son Robbie 25 years ago


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NHS is facing £1.1billion in clinical negligence claims every year

The amount spent on clinical negligence claims has increased more than a third under the Coalition, with £1 in every £100 of the £95billion annual NHS budget used to compensate for mistakes last year. The £1.1billion figure was in data released by the Department of Health, which revealed the sum was paid out by the NHS Litigation Authority last year in claims equal to more than £15 for everyone in Britain. That compares to £863million in 2010/11, a jump of 38 per cent in the past four years. The number of litigation claims made every year has almost doubled under the Coalition. The scale of claims currently being made is unprecedented, with 11,945 cases reported by NHS trusts over the last financial year compared to 6,562 in 2009-10. As a result, the NHS has had to increase the amount it retains to deal with claims from £8.7billion in 2010 to £15.6billion in 2013-14

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Brain drill death: NHS Trust took six years to admit responsibility, court told

An NHS trust took nearly six years to admit that a Birmingham surgeon negligently caused a teenage mum’s death by drilling into her brain, the High Court has heard. Brian and Terry Brock are suing the NHS for £500,000 over the death of their 18 year old daughter, Rachel Bradshaw, and the psychological injury they say it caused them. The mum-of-one died when a pressure bolt was inserted into her brain at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, in February 2009.

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Welsh hospital scandal ‘bigger than Mid Staffs’

POLICE are mounting what is believed to be the biggest single criminal investigation into the harm and neglect of patients at NHS hospitals.
Detectives have already charged three nurses with allegedly falsifying medical records and the wilful neglect of vulnerable patients. A further 17 nurses at Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board (ABMU) in south Wales have been suspended, of whom at least 10 are under police investigation.

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Welsh hospital scandal

The Sunday times


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Cancer patient abandoned in ‘revolting’ hospital

Daughter of terminal ill woman speaks of how her mother was left in degrading conditions in the Buckley Ward of Epsom Hospital, which is already the focus of another serious complaint

A terminally ill woman was ‘left cold and filthy’ in an Epsom Hospital ward already the source of a serious complaint, her daughter claims.
Zelanie Cooper has decried the treatment of her mother Patricia Osborne, 71, at the hospital’s Buckley Ward.
Mrs Cooper, 43, from Tadworth, said Mrs Osborne, who was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer, was left ‘degraded, humiliated and terrified’ by her experience on the ward, in which she was found smeared in her own excrement.

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My mother died in the Royal Free Hospital 2008. Please read what has happened since

My mother died at the Royal Free Hospital in 2008. In the letter after her death the Royal Free Hospital stated “However, as a result of this complaint, we have reviewed our procedures”. They “HAVE NOT REVIEWED THEIR PROCEDURES” In the Barnet Today News another shocking story of neglect at the Royal Free in 2014

Royal Free launch probe into dying man’s care. Please click on the link to read more…

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