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Lamb proposes single department for health and social care By David Williams LGC

In a wide ranging pre-election interview with LGC’s sister title Health Service Journal, the Liberal Democrat minister said the government should lead by example by integrating budgets at a national level through the the creation of a “new department for health and care” immediately after the election. This would mean the Department for Communities & Local Government loses responsibility over care funding, which would be handed to a new incarnation of the Department of Health.

“Can anyone argue against it?” Mr Lamb asked. Restating his view that health and social care budgets should be fully merged locally by 2018, Mr Lamb said: “To match that nationally you’ve got to have a department for health and care. “It’s ridiculous that we have funding for the health and care system flowing through two different government departments and endless negotiations between two. It has to be one department.”

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Lamb proposes single department for health and social care


Norman Lamb suggests a ‘new department for health and care’ should be established immediately after the election

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