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Search for a consultant – How many operations – Mortality Rate – Average Patient Risk – Launched 19th Nov 2014


The data presented here shows results for operations and treatments for a range of specialty areas performed by individual consultants. The outcome results will vary depending on the specialty area and the chosen methodology and indicators, but you’ll be able to see how many times a consultant has performed a particular procedure and the mortality rates for those procedures. You can see whether or not the data for each consultant is within the expected range, based on the national average. Consultants who fall outside the expected range are sometimes referred to as ‘outliers’.


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NHS ‘illegally denying over-65s vital operations if they live in the wrong place’

The NHS is illegally denying over-65s vital operations, a report warns.
And for older people to get what they are entitled to is becoming a postcode lottery.
The Royal College of Surgeons and charity Age UK found “significant” regional variation in access to surgery.
Breast cancer patients aged over 65 are 37 times more likely to have surgery if they live in Swale, Kent, than in East Staffordshire.
And the number of hip replacements per 10,000 over-65s varies from just 10.7 in Bradford to 112.7 in wealthy Newbury, Berks.

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