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Barcode technology helping to improve patient safety

Barcodes are being used to trace NHS patients and their treatments, manage medical supplies and monitor the effectiveness of equipment.

The barcode technology used in major industries such as aerospace and retail is being introduced to the NHS in England to improve patient safety. Barcodes are being placed on breast implants, replacement hips, medication and surgical tools.

The £12 million Department of Health ‘Scan4Safety’ project is already helping staff to quickly and easily track each patient through their hospital journey. From the unique barcodes on wristbands patients receive when they enter hospital, to the barcodes used to record their medication and the equipment used in their treatment, each code can be scanned to show which member of staff administered each treatment, at what time and where.

By using barcodes, anything that might develop a fault years later, for example a screw used in a knee operation or breast implant, can be traced. The details, such as when it was used and the surgeon who carried out the procedure, can be found quickly and easily. This technology will also help to eliminate avoidable harm in hospitals, including errors such as patients being administered the wrong drugs and surgery being performed on the wrong part of the body.

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The Case for Patient Safety: Financially, Professionally and Ethically By Andy Cowper for HSJ

Read the full report from HSJ, in association with Allocate Software, on why patient safety should be the core business of healthcare

Why do we need another report?

Financially, ethically and professionally, patient safety should be the core business of healthcare. Yet despite big improvements reducing healthcare-associated infections and venous thromboembolism, why does patient safety still feel like something we are yet to crack? Where are the main areas to focus? And what are the first steps to improve?

“It is curious that people should think a report self-executive, should not see that, when the report is finished, the work begins” Florence Nightingale, letter to Mary Elizabeth Herbert (1863)

Click on the link to download the full report   

Patient Safety Case full report



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NHS bullying is a threat to patients: Health ministers warning of ‘toxic’ culture after survey finds quarter of doctors, nurses and other staff have fallen victim

  • A quarter of all NHS employees have been victimised by their colleagues
  • Staff introduced to each other by their pay scales instead of their names
  • Hierarchical Attitudes impede ability to improve care and patients safety
  • NHS told to be more like Asda where staff have sense of pride over work 

A ‘toxic’ culture of bullying amongst NHS staff is putting the safety of patients at risk, a health minister has warned. Lord Prior revealed that a quarter of employees have been victimised by their own colleagues, a rate unheard of in other organisations. He said the health service needed to learn lessons from the supermarket chain Asda where staff feel valued and turn-up to work with a sense of pride.

By contrast, he spoke of how many doctors, nurses and back-office healthcare staff had become ‘switched-off’ and disillusioned. He also warned of the culture of hierarchy in the NHS with nurses routinely introducing themselves to other workers by their pay-scales, or ‘bands’, rather than their names. The health minister suggested that bosses should be ‘pushing the panic button’ over the high rates of bullying and taking urgent action to improve staff morale. He warned that the this attitude was impeding the NHS’s drive to improve care and safety, in the face of tighter financial constraints and the increasing elderly population.

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CQC report: More than half of NHS hospitals ‘require improvement’ and at least five are ‘inadequate’

Patient safety is being put at risk by an “unacceptable” postcode lottery in the quality of NHS care, the hospital watchdog has warned in its annual report. The Care Quality Commission said that while its inspectors had found frontline staff to be caring almost across the board, too many hospitals were poorly led and failing to adequately keep patients safe. Their findings are based on a year of new-style inspections in which half of England’s NHS hospitals, as well as a number of GP surgeries and care homes, have been rated.

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NHS online patient feedback reviews open to abuse

Analysis of 7,333 reviews submitted to Patient Opinion last year found that 6% had been posted from computers connected to the NHS’s “secure” computer network.
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13,000 died needlessly at 14 worst NHS trusts, full report out this week

Full report out this week

• Name 14 hospitals as having excess rates of death, with hundreds of patients dying needlessly at each of them since 2005;
• Severely criticise the worst hospital, Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which had 1,600 more deaths than would have been expected in seven years – a higher death toll than that at Stafford;
• Show that the warning signs were there for managers and ministers to see, including alarming levels of infections, patients suffering from neglect and appalling blunders such as surgery performed on the wrong parts of bodies

Just shocking how this country has allowed this to happen and its still going on

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Lansley Was Warned Of Baby Deaths In 2010

The father of baby Joshua Titcombe, who died in Furness General Hospital, calls for a “forensic examination” of who knew what.

A former Health Secretary was warned about a cover up over baby deaths at a hospital in Cumbria three years ago.
Andrew Lansley received a letter from James Titcombe whose son Joshua died aged just nine days at Furness General Hospital.
In the letter, written on June 4, 2010, Mr Titcombe raises concerns about regulatory bodies, including the hospitals watchdog, the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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NHS warned over emergency care: hospital A&E units facing ‘collapse’

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt concedes there are ‘huge pressures’ and blames 2004 changes that removed responsibility from GPs for out-of-hours car
A survey of 131 hospital emergency departments says that A&E units are struggling to cope “unsustainable workloads” and lack of staff as new figures show the number of patients has increased by more than a million in just one year.

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About 11,500 patients die in Irish public hospitals annually

The chances of Irish hospital patients dying after surgery are 2.6 times higher here than in the UK, said Dr Áine Carroll, the HSE’s national director for clinical strategy and programmes. She said data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) showed healthcare errors seriously harmed one in 10 patients, but that only 3 per cent of doctors believed that medical errors were a principal health concern.

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NHS ombudsman: ignoring patient complaints ‘risks new Mid Staffs’

When will they ever learn…

Hospital boards accused of adding to patients’ pain by doing too little to spot and stop serious failings

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And still nurses live in fear and intimidation at work for telling the truth.

Whistleblowing nurses ‘discouraged’

A quarter of nurses have been discouraged about blowing the whistle on concerns over patient care, a poll has suggested.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) survey found that 24% of nurses said they had been warned off raising concerns – in spite of the Stafford Hospital scandal.

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PALS – Shocking. Why I am not surprised.

This is from Daniel Sencier Blog – You will not believe this! I phoned PALS just now, 01228 814008. Don’t forget, this is the Patient Advice and Liaison Service, the number you phone when things are going bad for you at the hospital and you need someone to sort it. I’ve just got severe back pain, but there will be people with cancer and all sorts of terrible problems trying this number. A voicemail says, “The office is unmanned as the service has been reduced, please leave a message…”

What do we do Cumbria? Where do we go? Should we give up?


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Dan Sencier [ BBC radio interview] regarding the NHS

Please click on the link to hear Dan Sencier’s brilliant radio interview
His story about the lack of support within the NHS

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James Titcombe…Legal action over Furness General Hospital deaths

More than 30 families have taken legal action against a hospital in Cumbria blaming poor care and medical negligence for a catalogue of baby and maternal deaths and injuries.

Furness General Hospital at Morecambe Bay is now the subject of a number of investigations including a police inquiry.

The trust said there was “no denying” families were let down in the past, but said it was “determined that we can learn from it and we will ensure we continue to do so”.

James Titcombe’s baby son died at the hospital in 2008. An inquest found that Joshua died of natural causes but could have been saved if staff had acted faster.

Mr Titcombe, who now campaigns for patient safety, spoke to BBC Breakfast presenters Charlie Stayt and Louise Minchin. He was joined by Peter Walsh, Chief Executive of the charity Action Against Medical Accidents.

Click here to see the news report

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Value your life and your families? THINK…and do something about it.

We need everyone to group together, Strength in numbers….

NHSComplaint initiates Private Criminal Prosecution against Sir David Nicholson

Deaths were covered up in the tens of thousands by Sir David Nicholson and other civil servants who are now seeking to abuse their position by protect him through the various acts of Misconduct in Public Office. NHSComplaint has sufficient evidence to bring a Private Criminal Prosecution against Sir David Nicholson on behalf of victims and their families deaths of MidStaffs and other parts of the NHS that were entirely preventable had information been acted on instead of being suppressed.  NHSComplaint and it’s supporters are setting up a campaign group specifically to organise and facilitate the private criminal prosecution of Sir David Nicholson. Please support this initiative in anyway you can.

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NHS staff should own up to mistakes, Mid Staffs public inquiry recommends

Patient groups and Lib Dems support move as a report into the worst hospital care scandal in decades is published today

NHS staff should be put under a legal “duty of candour” to own up when mistakes affect patients, a public inquiry into the Mid Staffordshire hospital care scandal will recommend.

The move will form part of a series of measures designed to make hospitals safer which Robert Francis QC will outline in his report of the 31-month public inquiry into what is widely considered to be the worst care scandal in many years.

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Robbie Powell death: report redactions uncovered by ‘Wales This Week’

Parts of an independent report into the death of a child, which were withheld by First Minister Carwyn Jones, have been uncovered by a Wales This Week investigation.

Mr Jones made 18 redactions to the report, which was meant to expose the truth about the death of ten-year-old Robbie Powell, from Ystradgynlais.

A leading QC and medical negligence expert has branded some of the redactions ‘absolutely astonishing’, but Carwyn Jones said today that the report does give a ‘full picture’ of what happened.

Robbie died in April 1990 from Addison’s Disease, a rare but treatable condition.

In the fortnight before he died he was seen by five different doctors

Click on the link and scroll down to see the full news report from ITV Wales

Click here to sign the petition

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Justice for Robbie Powell

In July last year, the First Minister (Wales) made a belated apology to the family of Robbie Powell, a ten year old boy from Ystradgynlais who died in 1990 as a result of Addison’s disease – a treatable condition that should have been contained.

Investigations into Robbie’s death have identified no fewer than nine occasions where health professionals could, and should, have saved Robbie’s life.  But sadly these failings do not amount to the entirety of the inadequacies evident in Robbie’s case.

Read the full blog report by Leanne Wood AM

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Eight patients a week maimed by hospital blunders: Official NHS figures reveal shocking number of serious injuries caused by medical incompetence

  • In 2010-2011 eight patients a week were left brain-damaged, blind or missing a limb
  • £30million in compensation was paid out to those injured
  • Amputation payouts alone cost £18million

Eight patients a week are left brain-damaged, blind or missing a limb due to NHS blunders, official figures reveal.

In 2010-11, more than £30million compensation was paid out for such injuries, part of a record £1.3billion bill for mistakes by careless or incompetent medical staff.

There were 215 claims for brain damage, with almost £12million paid out.

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Currently, any Healthcare Professional causing the negligent death of a patient is not legally obliged to be Open, Honest & Transparent with bereaved relatives or to refrain falsifying the deceased patient’s medical records.

“As the law stands now, however, doctors have no duty to give parents of a child who died as a result of their negligence a truthful account of the circumstances of the death, nor even to refrain from deliberately falsifying records.” ECHR May 2000.

We want the Government to create a law to make it a legal requirement to inform patients or next of kin of errors or incidents which may cause serious harm or death.

Robbie’s family continue to campaign 22 years on, not only for justice for Robbie, but to ensure other families don’t have their grief exacerbated by the dishonesty of the medical profession.

Please sign the petition & encourage ALL family & friends to do the same.

Click on the link to sign –

More Info –

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Hospital apologises to 38 families for appalling care that saw a patient starve to death

An NHS hospital has apologised to 38 families after a patient starved to death and it left other dying people screaming in pain.

Alexandra Hospital in Redditch is writing to 38 families after a massive legal action that exposed years of bad practice, ranging from nurses taunting patients to leaving an elderly woman unwashed for 11 weeks.

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Ex-NHS chief Gary Walker ‘being gagged’

The former head of an NHS Trust has been paid more than £500,000, including legal costs, as part of a severance deal which also stops him discussing patient safety, the BBC has learned.

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