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‘If you pay for a Mini you can’t expect a Ferrari’: Disgraced plastic surgeon told a mother-of-two it was HER fault after botching her £3,500 boob job

  • Alex Cater, 33, had surgery after 10st weight loss left her with sagging skin
  • Awoke from surgery in agony before her breasts started leaking puss 
  • Complained to surgeon Dr Amedeo Usai who asked ‘What did you expect from £3,500 surgery?’
  • He was struck off the medical register following a number of complaints

A mother of two who complained about her botched £3,500 boob job was horrified when her plastic surgeon told her -‘If you pay for a Mini you can’t expect a Ferrari.’

Alex Cater, 33, had gone under the knife after losing an incredible 10 stone having ballooned to a size 26 following the birth of her children Kayleigh, 13, and Cameron, 10. But instead of gaining her dream figure the surgery, carried out by shamed surgeon Amedeo Usai, went so badly wrong that her ‘butchered’ breasts were badly misshapen, painful and leaking puss. She eventually had to have the implants removed but said she still has both physical and mental scars that may never heal.

Dr Usai has now been struck off the medical register after a tribunal heard a series of complaints against him by patients.

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She said she knew something was wrong after waking up from surgery in agony. But surgeon Amedeo Usai, who has since been struck off the medical register, dismissed her concerns with his brash comments.

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