Strength in Numbers dedicated to my late mother Kay

Poem – Nine Years Old with Dementia – written by John David Baker


I am not old
Yet I have been told
That I have dementia
I am nine years old
Who do I turn to?
Who do I hold?
My mum I turn to
Remember I am nine years old!

My son is not old
Yet he has been told
That he has dementia
He is just nine years old!
Who can I turn to?
Who do I hold?
I turn to the doctor
And my son I hold
He’s nine years old!
The doctor says he is not the only one
Others get it young
It’s rare
But he’s my son and at that moment I just care
About him
My little Tim

The patient is not old
Yet I have just told
That he has dementia
Poor lad, just nine years old!
Who should they turn to
who should they hold
They turn to me!
and each other they hold
Mother and her nine year old!

I look at my mother, my mother looks at me
The doctor offers his professional symphony
But I am not listening, my mum does not hear
His professional sounds falls on deaf ears
And in the stillness of my mother’s embrace
I hear the ticking clock
And a future with cruel Dementia we both embrace

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