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Man suffers stroke after stopping pills on doctor’s advice

A MAN suffered a stroke after being given incorrect advice about stopping his blood thinning medication.

According to the Scottish Ombudsman, the patient, named only as “Mr C”, was taking rivaroxaban, a drug that thins the blood to minimise the risk of strokes, when he was scheduled for non-emergency surgery. He was told to stop taking his medication seven days before his operation because of the risk of excessive bleeding during 
surgery. But four days after coming off it, he suffered a stroke.

 The ombudsman said the health board concerned – NHS Fife – and Mr C’s consultant had “appeared unclear” about whether Mr C was on rivaroxaban or warfarin. The board said it had followed guidelines for warfarin, as rivaroxaban was a very new type of medication. It also said Mr C was classed as a low risk of having a stroke and the advice he was given was accurate, but that in light of his complaint, it would develop further protocols for staff.

Mr C said he should not have been classified as low risk and should not have been advised to stop his medication.

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Stroke patients are more likely to die at weekends because of poorly-staffed wards with fewer nurses to spot the signs

Stroke patients admitted to hospital at the weekend could have a higher risk of dying on badly staffed wards, new research suggests.
A study of 56,000 patients found a huge disparity in the number of nurses working on stroke units at weekends.
The worst staffed wards saw an extra death for every 25 patients within a month of admission, the data shows.
The research, carried out by specialists from the Royal College of Physicians and five British universities, found a five-fold difference in weekend staffing between the best and worst hospitals.
While the best stroke units had five nurses for every ten patients, the worst-staffed had just one nurse monitoring ten people.

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