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REVEALED: At least a third of hospitals ‘could go BUST’ in NHS debt timebomb

An in-depth survey of 196 finance directors covering NHS hospitals, community care, mental health and ambulance services has uncovered a financial ticking time-bomb.

If savings aren’t made and the Government doesn’t plug the funding gap by 2020, experts say “a debate” will be needed about what services the NHS can continue to offer. The frightening figures come from a survey of NHS finance bosses across England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

Out of those questioned, 77 per cent of hospital bosses predict they will be in debt by the end of this financial year. They represent 36 per cent of the nation’s hospitals. However, the true figure of those spiralling into debt could be considerably higher as not all finance directors took part in the survey.

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More than half of GPs expect to leave profession before 60, says BBC survey

More than half of family doctors say they are set to leave the profession early, according to a new survey. The survey of 1,004 GPs across the UK for the BBC’s Inside Out programme found that 56% said they expected to retire or leave before they are 60. Health secretary Jeremy Hunt described the figures as worrying, while Dr Krishna Kasaraneni of the British Medical Association said he was not surprised by them. Dr Kasaraneni said: “Politicians across the board need to acknowledge that general practice is not resourced correctly.”

The survey found that 25% of GPs said they would definitely leave before reaching 60, while 32% said thought they would probably not retire or leave general practice by that age. There were 6% of GPs who said they were definitely not planning to leave the profession before they turned 60.

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Third of NHS staff do not feel secure about raising care concerns, By Will Hazell Nursing Times

Nearly one third of NHS employees do not agree that they would feel secure raising concerns about unsafe clinical practice, according to the 2014 NHS staff survey.

The survey results, published 24th February 2015, paint a picture of increasing pressure on those who work within the health service. Of the survey’s 29 “key findings”, 15 have deteriorated since last year, 11 have improved, one has remained the same, and two cannot be compared due to changes in the questions. Sixty-four per cent of staff surveyed said if a friend or relative needed treatment they would be happy with the standard of care provided by their organisation, a slight decrease on the 65% recorded in 2013.

Picker Institute Europe, which carried out the survey, said the fall was “concerning” because the measure is strongly related to patient experiences of care. Fifty-six per cent of staff said they would recommend their organisation as a place to work, down from 58% in 2013. There was a marked decrease in the number of staff satisfied with their level of pay, from 38% in 2013 to 33% this year, representing the first drop in pay satisfaction since 2011. Only 29% felt there are enough staff for them to do their jobs properly, down one percentage point on the previous year.

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Third of NHS staff do not feel secure about raising care concerns

Click on the link to see full survey from Picker Institute Europe


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Age UK – We want you to add your voice to our new panel and make your views count

The Your Voice Engagement Panel is a new Age UK project and we want to give you the opportunity to volunteer to trial the panel with us.
We will ask you to share your views with us via approximately three different surveys over a period of about six months – starting in early 2015. You are free to leave the panel at any point – we just ask that you let us know. Each short survey will focus on key issues important to older people and to Age UK. After each survey we will share some of the key findings with you in a short written report.

If you are interested in joining our panel then click here:


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Important – Please Fill in Survey – I Need Your Help – Joanna Slater “Strength in Numbers”

Dear Friends,   Please fill in Survey  Personal details not necessary

As some of you may well know I have been working on a project with my friend Brad Meyer to help you all with your health issues.

“Having felt overwhelmed by our lack of understanding and certainty about the health care given to some of our loved ones”, we have come up with an idea on how technology can help us regain some sense of control when managing health issues.

You can help us make sure we are on the right track by filling in this survey,  Here is the link  In return, we will keep you updated on our efforts if you wish.

Thank you all for your help and support. Together lets make 2015 a year that will be a major leap into organising all our health care issues. Lets make it happen “Strength in Numbers”

Kind Regards Joanna Slater and Brad Meyer



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Watchdog ranks GP surgeries by risk – Check to see how your GP practice is performing

CLICK ON THE LINK AND ENTER YOUR POSTCODE To find out how your GP practice is performing.

Health watchdog the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has ranked almost every GP surgery in England in terms of risk of providing poor care.  The majority are of low concern, but 11% have been rated in the highest risk band by CQC. Many of the elevated-risk practices had possible issues with appointments, mental health plans, and cervical cancer screening. The CQC register will help target inspections. The watchdog said the register did not necessarily indicate poor GP surgery performance. “It is important to remember that the data is not a judgement, as it is only when we inspect we can determine if a practice provides safe, high-quality and compassionate care,” said CQC chief inspector of general practice Prof Steve Field. “The data is a further tool that will help us to decide where to inspect and when,” he said.  The health watchdog ranked 7,276 practices out of the total 7,661 in England, and placed 864 practices in the “highest concern” category. In about 3% of high-concern practices, patients stated they had difficulties in getting an appointment to see a GP or nurse.

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Cancer survey highlights importance of specialist nurses for patients – Nursing Times.Net 25 September, 2014 – By Jo Stephenson

More than a third of cancer patients felt there were not enough nurses on duty to care for them in hospital, according to the latest national survey, which also highlights the importance of providing specialist nurses.

The survey of more than 110,000 cancer patients suggests services have improved over the last four years, however, it reveals ongoing concern about nursing staff levels.

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Cancer survey highlights importance of specialist nurses for patients

Read the full results of the cancer patient experience survey, Click on the link



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Half of nurses fear another Mid Staffs, finds snapshot survey

Nearly half of nurses believe their organisation is at risk of becoming the “next Mid Staffs”, or is already heading that way, reveals the latest large-scale survey on NHS staffing levels.

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Half of nurses fear another Mid Staffs Survey

The latest large scale survey on NHS staffing levels.

Staffing levels

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