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‘Desperate’ Tory plot to organise own letter from doctors exposed in bombshell leaked email

Jeremy Hunt has been left red-faced after the leaked email was posted on social media by top health commentator Roy Lilley

Jeremy Hunt has been left red-faced tonight as a bombshell leaked email exposes a “desperate” Tory plot to organise their own letter from doctors. It comes just days after more than 100 leading doctors signed a letter accusing the Tory-led coalition of endangering the NHS in England. They described how the health service is “withering away”, and warned that patients would be faced with higher costs but lower standards due to the growing involvement of private firms in the NHS.

Tonight the leaked email was published on social media by top health commentator Roy Lilley who tweeted: “Tories canvassing for a ‘support the NHS’ letter from doctors – the games continue!”

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Post tweeked from Roy Lilley

My post on the 8th April re the letter signed from 100 doctors

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Getting your message out

Dear Friends, there are lots of ways to get your message out.

Starting your own facebook group page, mine is
Having a twitter account? mine is
Having a blog? well your here, go into to get started, and joining different websites is a brilliant site combining all campaigns.

Have you thought of writing a book on your story? You can self publish and all are free.

I know all this takes time, but there are great tutorials on the sites, and you can also go to and do a search on the subject you want to learn.


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