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An open letter to Jeremy Hunt from Will Powell

This is the link to my open letter to Jeremy Hunt the Secretary of State for Health. I don’t take exception to Mr Hunt publicly supporting the Titcombe family. In fact, I found it commendable. This letter is about Mr Hunt’s lack of support for other parents and families who have also lost loved ones and fought for decades for truth and Justice. Will Powell

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Will Powell

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Quote for the day from Will Powell

There are two types of courage. First, put yourself in danger to save others & second, stand up against the establishment when there’s an abuse of power that is detrimental to the public!

Chose the former and you will be a HERO, chose the latter and you will be vilified, victimised and have your career ended. Democracy, I think not! :”(

A massive thank you to all whistle-blowers and especially NHS whistle-blowers who have been vilified and punished in an attempt to save the lives of our loved ones. Will Powell


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Will Powell: “For 25 Years The State Has Covered Up The Negligence That Killed My Boy Robbie”

Please watch and listen to Will Powell’s shocking account of what happened to his son Robbie 25 years ago


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Could the statutory duty of candour backfire? By Will Powell

I was very interested to read an article recently published by the British Medical Association [“BMA”] with the heading: “Statutory duty of candour could backfire”.  It never ceases to amaze me that any individual doctor let alone an organisation associated with the medical profession could claim publicly that being open and honest about medical mistakes could in any way be detrimental to patient safety. This is the very culture, in my view, that made the need for the introduction of a ‘legal’ duty of candour absolutely necessary – honesty should be the foundation for all doctor patient relationships!

Although rarely accepted and denied by the government the absence of a duty of candour was first exposed in the High Court in Cardiff in 1996. It was highlighted by the case of our son Robbie Powell who died in April 1990. Doctors responsible for Robbie’s death had been untruthful about the circumstances of Robbie’s negligent death, falsified the child’s medical records and post death caused psychological damage to my wife and me by exacerbating our grief as a consequence of their dishonesty. The UK Courts ruled that because doctors had no post death ‘legal’ duty to be honest to parents, in such circumstances, the case was struck-out.

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Will Powell

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Should NHS Whistle-blowers always be protected? – By Will Powell

I was very interested in a recent article published in “The Spectator” on the 3rd January 2015. The article is about a cancer surgeon named Joseph Meirion Thomas. He interpreted the published Francis Report as giving healthcare professionals protection if they were to speak out about failures within the NHS regarding patient safety issues. He also took the view, rightly or wrongly, that speaking out complied with a doctor’s duty of candour. However, little did he know that speaking out to improve the NHS would result in him being suspended from his job and ordered not to air his views in public again. Sadly, this has been the case for copious NHS whistle-blowers, over the years. Some have even suffered a far worst fate and lost their homes when others have had to leave the UK to seek employment abroad when these are the very healthcare professionals who could help return our NHS to its former glory. Mr Thomas should not have been vilified by his peers but applauded for doing what the Government, Department of Health and NHS purport as the right thing to do.

Mr Thomas is also gagged which, in my view, speaks volumes for the purported integrity of the NHS and the Department of Health’s public claims that all healthcare professionals are encouraged to speak up about patient safety issues. Contrary to the appalling treatment he has received from our Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt, and others, Mr Thomas is, in my view, a HERO and I have no doubt that the majority of the public would say the same. He is clearly a man of integrity who only wants to improve the care provided by our NHS for young and old alike.

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Will Powell NHS Adviser for

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A Legal Duty of Candour and how it has been resisted for almost two decades by Will Powell

Responding to critics of the Duty of Candour and alleged detriment to the NHS

It is interesting to look back at a Guardian article published on the 8th April 2014 with the headline “Why the new duty of candour could be detrimental to the NHS”. Will Powell

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Battling father forces review into CPS decision not to charge doctors over death of his son 24 years ago because case was deemed too old

A father has won his fight for a review into a decision by prosecutors not to charge doctors who allegedly failed to spot his son was dying 25 years ago.  Robbie Powell, ten, of Ystradgynlais, Powys, was seen by five different doctors from December 1989 before he died from the rare Addison’s disease in April 1990. His father William, 56, has fought for justice after police found the doctors could face up to 35 charges including manslaughter and forging medical documents. The Crown Prosecution Service refused to prosecute the doctors because the case was so old, but Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders has now ordered a review into the decision. Mr Powell said: ‘If the doctors had admitted their mistakes at the time we would have been able to move on. ‘This has taken over my life and it has taken a toll on my other children and on my marriage to my wife. I won’t feel this is over until we have some justice for Robbie.’

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Robbie Powell: CPS to review schoolboy’s death 24 years ago

The death of a schoolboy 24 years ago from a treatable condition is to be re investigated by the Crown Prosecution Service. Robbie Powell, 10, from Ystradgynlais, Powys, died at Swansea’s Morriston Hospital, of Addison’s disease in 1990. An inquest into his death in 2004 found he died of natural causes aggravated by neglect, but the CPS said no criminal charges should be brought. A letter to his family confirms the case will be looked at again. Since Robbie’s death his father William Powell has mounted a long campaign to get a public inquiry into the case.

My comment: Will has been fighting for 24 years to get to the truth with all the cover ups etc. NEVER GIVE UP…. Joanna Slater

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