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5 ways to address rising depression in young people

Depression and anxiety are affecting more young people than ever before. According to a study published today by the Office for National Statistics, one in five 16- to 24-year-olds are suffering psychological problems, which is almost the rate at which these are seen in early middle age, the life-stage usually most associated with mental health issues. Areas of concern for young people stretch from relationships with parents, friends, colleagues or fellow students, to worries about appearance and fitting in. Young women were more likely than young men to be showing signs of distress, with a report earlier this week claiming that one in five teenage girls are opting out of classroom discussions, and even playing truant because they hate the way they look. How to deal with this rise in anxiety and depression among a group that some perceive as carefree? Society’s role can be debated elsewhere, but for these “emerging adults” and anyone associated with them.

Here are some good starting points for action

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